Monograms: Embracing Personalization Then and Now

White on white embroidered M monogram

Monograms have a special significance, and I wanted to learn why. Historically, personalization dates back to the Greeks and Romans when the initials of the ruler were carved on coins, almost like a seal of their reign and significance of their power. Soon, artisans in the Middle Ages began to use their initials to mark their work, and many still do today in the 21st century. Then, in Victorian times, it became a sign of aristocracy.

My familiarity with monograms comes from my own family’s history. As a teen when writing letters was still in fashion, I’d receive monogrammed stationery as a special birthday gift.  It even came with its own candle and stamp so I could seal my envelopes with my initials.  Boy, now that was great fun! (Especially since writing letters has now almost become a lost art form.)

But, what really gives me special meaning today, is that I have monograms from the Main side of my mother’s family, of which I am named after. My middle name is Main, and thus my business name is rooted in our Main family heritage.  Here are photos of silverware with the initial M that I still use today and a cotton pillow case and washcloth - all from the Main family that I continue to treasure.

Ornate antique spoon engraved with an M Green and white M embroidered on a white washcloth with a green border

To think that my family used these almost 80 years ago, shows you how long a monogram can last if you properly care for your linens and silver. Now, just about everything can be monogrammed from your wallet to your dog or cat’s bed.

But, if you want high-quality linens rooted in a family’s standard of excellence, then you should seek out the best.  Peacock Alley has excellent quality linens you can depend on 50 years from now, and you can utilize their monogram program to personalize whatever you’d like. You can learn how to order a monogram on their beautiful sets of sheets or towels and how to provide the best possible care, so they will last a lifetime.  Start right here.

Award-winning Designer Deborah Main

Award-winning Designer Deborah Main, the founder and dynamic creative force behind the exclusive private studio Deborah Main Designs, brings a rich depth of artistic creativity and imagination to her luxury decorative pillow line. Dually inspired by her notable Hudson Valley, New York, heritage, and the creative hothouse of Austin, Texas, Deborah Main’s exquisite and distinguished visual signature style is highly prized by interior designers, collectors, editors and all who value the essential elegance of her luxury pillows.

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