Bedroom Décor & Style Guide

Peruse Peacock Alley's exquisite bedroom décor collections to elevate your personal space. Shop our luxurious ensembles and be inspired to replicate these sophisticated looks within your own home.


California Cool Bedroom Style Guide

California Cool

Nobody does West Coast style like Morrison Interiors. Layering texture, tones and linen is their signature trick to achieving laid-back luxury.

Luxury in Neutrals

The key to achieving a welcoming yet sophisticated look is all about texture and tone.

Calming Tonality

To infuse a zen quality to your bedroom, incorporate a tonal mix of ivory and white for an ambience that is sophisticated yet inviting.
The New All Whtite Bedroom Style Guide

The New All-White Bed

Timeless and effortless, white bedding creates a blank canvas.
Winter Whites Bedroom Style Guide

Winter Whites

Soft shades of white with texture, stripes and layers of cloudlike pillows ivory evoke comfort and joy.
Peacock Alley Relaxed Linens Bedroom Style Guide

Relaxed Linen

Soft and breathable with a character all its own.


Moody Maximalism Bedroom Style Guide

Moody Maximalism

Dark academia is trending. Achieve the aesthetic with dark hues, vintage flair, and layers of sumptuous linens.

The Suite Life

Make everyday feel like vacation with exquisite embroidery and 5-star hotel inspired bedding.
Peacock Alley Architecturally Inspired

Architecturally Inspired

Exquisite patterns found in Victorian bedding without exaggerated frills.

Modern Glamour

Tones of blush, glimmering metallics and the subtle sheen of sateen create an alluring and romantic abode.

Dramatic Elegance

Bold design meets balance. For the maximalist, a palette of soothing white and soft textures calms the eye and lets strong choices shine.
Peacock Alley Classic Style Bedroom Style Guide

Classic Style

The Classic Style Bedding exudes simple, clean quality.
Peacock Alley Hotel Inspired

Hotel Inspired

Featuring duvet covers, sheets & pillows to match a luxury hotel experience.
Layered Luxury Bedroom Style Guide

Layered Luxury

When minimalism is not the mood; envelope yourself in sumptuous silk, buttery sateen and all the decadent details.
Guest to Impress Twin Bedroom Style Guide

Guest to Impress

Dress twin beds with a modern quilt, cozy throw and monogramed shams for a guest experience that is five stars.


Peacock Alley Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Fitting for a contemporary luxury bedroom style with preppy appeal.
Peacock Alley Artistic Botanicals

Artistic Botanicals

Merge the serenity of nature with your sleeping space in an artistic style.
Peacock Alley Fresh Florals

Fresh Florals

Delicate floral hues pair beautifully with both light and dark fabrics.
Peacock Alley Buzzworthy Bedding

Buzzworthy Bedding

Distinctive geometric designs with tone on tone fabric in two neutral shades.