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Matelassé is French for “quilted” or “cushioned." It is meant to mimic the style of hand-stitched Marseilles type quilts made in France.

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Matelassé Coverlets & Bedspreads from Peacock Alley

When only the finest linens will do, Peacock Alley’s luxury matelassé bedding is the perfect choice. Pronounced “mat-le-SAY”, matelassé coverlets, bedspreads, and pillow shams are made from luxurious fabrics that are intricately woven on jacquard looms in Portugal and Italy. The amazing artistry from the looms gives the appearance of plush, padded hand quilting, without the need for padding between the layers of plush fabric.

Matelassé Coverlets & Bedspreads

Beautiful matelassé coverlets and unique matelassé bedspreads come in a variety of different styles and offer a touch of elegance to any room. Peacock Alley has luxury matelassé bedding collections to match any color or design choice in your home. These high-end quilt-like matelassé bed linens are available to fit all of the most popular bed sizes, and even a matelassé shower curtain for a stunning bathroom design. Indulge in our matelassé coverlets, shams, and bath linens for the high-quality look and feel you expect from Peacock Alley.

What is the Difference Between a Quilt and a Matelassé?

While both luxury bedding options may appear similar, there is definitely a difference between a quilt and a matelassé, and it all has to do with how they are made.

Matelassé – A matelassé is made from just one piece of fabric. Unique and wonderful designs are woven or stitched onto the fabric in a quilted, padded pattern. This technique is meant to resemble the original, early, hand-stitched quilts of France. Luxury matelassé coverlets and matelassé bedspreads are a popular choice for designer bedding options.

Quilt – A quilt is typically made from 3 layers which includes a top layer of fabric, a middle layer of batting which is the soft, padding of the quilt, and a bottom layer of fabric. The top layer of fabric can be made from a single layer of material or smaller pieces of fabric can be sewn together to create a design. The process of stitching through all three of the fabric layers is called quilting and can be quite detailed as a decorative element to the finished blanket.

How to Care for Matelassé Bedding

Caring for matelassé bedding is crucial to make your coverlets, bedspreads, and shams look and feel their best. The high-quality matelassé bedding from Peacock Alley can be easily cared for at home with some helpful pointers from our luxury linen experts. Learn more about caring for matelassé in our “How to Care for Luxury Linens Guide” to enjoy these luxury bed linens from Peacock Alley.

Peacock Alley Has High Quality Matelassé Coverlets and Bedspreads for Your Designer Bedroom

Luxury bedrooms are created with high-end matelassé bedding from Peacock Alley. Luxurious matelassé bedspreads and coverlets made from only the finest fabrics offer a designer look and feel that cannot be beat. Choose from intricately woven matelassé coverlets and matching matelassé shams from Peacock Alley for a touch of understated elegance in your home.