Eight Great Bath Towel Décor Ideas

Eight Great Bath Towel Décor Ideas

The best bath towel décor ideas will be functional and fashionable. Beyond their primary purpose of drying, bath towels can help style your bathroom. Along with the color, pattern, and texture, how you display your towels will also add visual appeal. To help channel your inner designer, we have eight simple ways to style your luxury bathroom towels.

How to Fold & Hang Bath Towels Decoratively

white hand towels layered on towel rack


1. Fold on a Towel Rack

Folding towels in various ways on a rack can add a decorative touch to your bathroom and contribute to a well-organized space. Here are different ways to fold towels on a rack:

  • Classic Fold - Fold the towel in half lengthwise and then in half again. Hang it over the rack with the folded edge facing outward for a clean look.
  • Layered Fold - Fold two or more towels of different sizes and colors and layer them on the rack, alternating the colors or sizes. This creates a visually dynamic display.
  • Towel Knot - Fold the towel in half lengthwise, hang it over the rack, then roll it tightly. Tie a decorative ribbon or cloth strip around the rolled towel to add a touch of charm.

2. Use a Towel Ring

Towel rings are ideal for hand towels in powder rooms or smaller bathrooms without much display space.

  1. Place your towel on a flat surface and press out any wrinkles.
  2. Vertically fold the towel into thirds, like a skinny rectangle.
  3. Loop the hand towel through the ring, placing the monogrammed or decorative side facing up with the seam down.
  4. Pull the towel through halfway so it's hanging down evenly on both sides.

3. Use a Towel Hook

A towel hook is similar to a ring but takes up even less space and can accommodate all towel sizes.

  1. Lay your towel on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles.
  2. Pinch the middle of the towel and drape it over the hook.
  3. Pull down on the ends to straighten them until they have symmetrical folds.

stack of different white towels on bathroom side table

4. Roll Towels in a Basket

Use a chic countertop basket for hand towels in your guest bathroom. Or choose several large textured baskets to hold a complete bath towel set and place them underneath your sink or vanity.

  1. Align the edges of your towels and fold them in half lengthwise.
  2. If your towels are too long for the basket, fold them again in half or thirds.
  3. Next, start rolling the folded towel tightly from one end to the other.
  4. Then, tuck the loose end back into the roll to secure it.
  5. Place the towels in the basket with the rolled ends facing up.
  6. Arrange them in a neat grid or stack them in layers, depending on the size and shape of your basket.

5. Create a Vanity Vignette

If you have a spacious vanity, take a stylish tray and arrange a set of bath towels neatly on top. Pair your bundle with other bathroom essentials, like soap, lotion, and shampoo. This arrangement is especially nice for guest bathrooms.

6. Style Your Tub

Bathrooms with freestanding tubs naturally offer the perfect backdrop to place your towels. Style a bath caddy with a washcloth and hand towel, adding luxurious pieces like a candle, bath bomb, and scrubbing brush. Or, fold your towels over the edge of the tub. Patterned, textured, and colored towels can all add dimension and style to an otherwise big chunk of white space.

7. Use a Towel Ladder

A towel ladder is another super chic way to hang your bath towels while saving space. Lean the ladder against the wall and drape your towels over the bars. Some designs even let you use the ladder like a rack over the toilet. An old standing coat or hat rack can also do the trick while adding vintage flair.

8. Stack the Towels

Folding, stacking, and arranging your towels on a floating shelf is another excellent idea for small bathrooms. If you don't want to add holes to your walls, consider a portable caddy. Choose a shelf color that will make your towels pop, like charcoal or black, against a crisp white set of bath towels.

Décor Ideas for Bath Towels: Final Thoughts

Bath towels play a dual role, serving as essential items for personal hygiene while acting as simple décor to elevate your bathroom's overall look. We know your choice of bath towels is a personal one, too. We offer various towel designs at Peacock Alley to suit your preferred bath experience.

From high-end beach towels to luxury bath sheets, our collection of plush towels is the perfect addition to your bathroom. We even have custom monogrammed towels for a touch of sophistication. Indulge in ultimate comfort, and browse our collection of bath linens to spark ideas for a rejuvenating experience.

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