When it comes to soft blankets that add warmth and texture to any room, we’ve got you covered.
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Luxury Blankets for Your Home

Effortlessly make a savvy design statement in your home while indulging in luxurious bed blankets and throws from Peacock Alley.

High-end blankets and bedding are our specialty at Peacock Alley. We take pride in offering the finest items for your home that match not only your interior design preferences, but your love of high-quality, as well.

Most Comfortable Blankets From The Most Luxurious Fabrics

When it comes to blankets’ comfort and quality, it truly is all about the fabric - which is why we are so particular about the material we use at Peacock Alley. We offer the softest and coziest blankets and throws made from the most luxurious fabrics, including crisp linen, brushed cotton, faux fur, Merino wool, 100% cotton waffle weave, and cashmere.

Complete a Designer Look and Feel

Peacock Alley has all the finest cotton and luxury soft blankets you need to create a designer bedroom that looks as luxurious as it feels. We have all you need to create beautiful layers to keep you warm in winter and comfortable in summer. Our best-selling blankets will coordinate beautifully with your luxury bedding to complete the look you desire. Choose from stylish waffle weave to high-end cashmere throw blankets to complement your interior home design.

All of the Most Popular Blanket Sizes

Our luxury blankets for beds are designed to fit every size mattress imaginable. No matter what size bed you sleep in, we got something for you. Our availability of blanket sizes is sure to please:

  • Super King
  • King/California King
  • Full/Queen
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Throw
  • Baby Blankets

Linen vs Cotton – The Best Luxury Blankets for Your Bedroom Style

Luxury cotton and fine linen blankets from Peacock Alley are the most popular choices for designer bedrooms. While both offer qualities that we adore in high-end bedding – there are some major differences between the two.

  • Luxury Linen Blankets - Linen is a natural fiber that is popular for making fine blankets. The high-quality fibers of linen are heavier than those of cotton, giving it a crisp feel when purchased that becomes softer over the years. High quality linen blankets offer longevity, luster, and a beautiful drape.
  • Luxury Cotton Blankets - Cotton is also a natural fiber that is popular for making luxury cotton blankets. Cotton fibers are fluffier than those of linen, so this popular fabric is versatile, soft, and oh-so-comfortable. Since cotton fibers are much finer than linen fibers, cotton bed blankets have higher thread counts and feel luxuriously softer and silkier.

Treat yourself to high-quality blankets and throws from Peacock Alley for your home bedroom.