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From the floor to the duvet cover, every piece you select to dress your bed merits careful consideration.

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What is a Bed Skirt? Difference Between Bed Skirt and Dust Ruffle

A popular staple in luxury bedding for your home, the bed skirt, also known as a dust ruffle, and dust ruffled bed skirt, is an elegant edition to any bed. The dust ruffle was designed specially to cover the area between the edge of the comforter or duvet and the floor, so luxury bed skirts are truly as functional as they are decorative and add a layer of designer style to your space.

If you are wondering about the differences when it comes to a dust ruffle vs bed skirt when choosing designer bedding for your home, the simple answer is that both terms are correct! It is just a matter of geographical location or preference as to what you call this luxury bedding staple. No matter what you call it - you will be impressed by the character it adds to your room and the amount of designer style it gives with such simplicity.

Peacock Alley customers do appreciate the value a luxury bed skirt adds to a room's style and theme, so the dust ruffle is a very popular choice when designing a luxury bedroom. From providing a unique design element to your room to keeping the storage under your bed out of sight; there are a variety of different ways to use a luxury bed skirt in your home.

Bed Skirt Color and Style Guide

Modern luxury bed skirts are available to match any type of bedroom in your home and bring an upscale look and feel to your space. Whether you want to match a certain color, stick with the theme of the room, or replicate the pattern of your favorite curtains or other luxury bedding items; there is sure to be the perfect bed dust ruffle for your unique room design. From dramatic to subtle and everything in between - designer bed skirts is what we do at Peacock Alley.

When choosing a high-end bed skirt for your bed, style choices include tailored, gathered, layered, and more. In addition to the large color selection for your luxury dust ruffle, they also come in a variety of different sizes – with 14” and 16” inches being the most popular. Also, available is the new modern luxury bed skirt, which offers a convenient three-piece construction with split corners, to fit any type or size of footboard or bed posts. SInce this this modern bed skirt pins to the box spring, it also offers the benefit of an adjustable drop, so the height of the dust ruffle is perfect for any bed.

High-End Bedding and Quality Bed Skirts from the Luxury Linen Experts at Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley offers the finest quality high-end bedding for your home including twin bed skirts, queen dust ruffles, and king dust ruffled bed skirts  to decorate your bedroom to match your style and create the ambiance you desire. Choose a classic white bed skirt for a crisp look, a linen ruffle bed skirt for a romantic feel, or a modern matelassé dust ruffle for a tailored look from Peacock Alley, the luxury linen experts.