Throw Blankets

Add a touch of texture and warmth to any space with a Peacock Alley throw blanket.
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Throw Blankets: Luxury Cotton Throws and Wool Blankets for Your Home from Peacock Alley

Rich and luxurious cotton throws and toasty luxury wool throw blankets from Peacock Alley take comfort to a whole new level. Made from the finest fabrics, in all of the most popular colors and designs, high end throws and luxury blankets give your home style, warmth, and character to match any décor.

What is a Throw Blanket?

Perfectly sized to use when enjoying some time by the fire or sneaking in an afternoon nap, upscale throw blankets are made smaller than a regular blanket and were designed specifically for decoration and warmth.

Peacock Alley offers a variety of different types of luxury throw blankets including those with beautiful patterns and designs that can easily be used to enhance the décor in just about any room in your home – from the bedroom to the living room. From ultra-soft cotton throw blankets to luxury wool throws, indulge in plush materials and designer style throws from Peacock Alley.

Choosing the Right Sized Throw Blanket for Your Space

High end throws are created for a particular use and are designed to be used as small throw blankets, versus luxury bed size blankets. While designer throw blankets are usually 50” x 60” in size, Peacock Alley offers a variety of luxury throw blankets that come in a generous 50” x 70” size, which is the perfect size for a bed throw blanket.

Whether you plan to use your luxury cotton throw blanket as a design detail draped across your living room sofa or a cozy wool throw with textured details as bed throw blanket – these oversized luxury throw blankets from Peacock Alley are the perfect bedding accessory or decorative addition to any home.

Cotton vs Wool – Which Luxury Throw Blanket is Best for You?

Throw blankets can be made from a variety of luscious fabrics. Two of the most popular types of these decorative accessories are cotton throws and wool throws. Though both of these luxury blankets are an excellent choice – they are uniquely different materials.

  • Cotton Throw Blanket – Cotton is a natural fiber that creates a lightweight, breathable, luxury throw blanket. It is superior at wicking, which keeps you cool, so it is an excellent choice for warmer seasons and climates. Its easy to care for features and designer options like including woven, waffle weave, and knit, make it a popular choice for any home.
  • Throw Blanket – Although wool is also a natural fiber, it is the complete opposite of cotton, and offers a warmer and heavier luxury throw blanket. Fine wool, such as the 100% super-fine Merino wool used in the high-end wool throws at Peacock Alley, makes excellent throw blankets for cooler weather because they are warm as well as breathable, so you stay comfortable without sweating.

Throw Blanket Styling - Adding a Designer Element to Your Space

Designer throw blankets from Peacock Alley can give a custom look to any bedroom, living room, or other space in your home that could use a pop of color or a bit of texture. Our oversized throw blankets can be stylishly laid over a cozy chair, the bottom of the bed, or even cleverly hung on the wall.

From Merino wool throw blankets with matching throw pillows to a stylish knitted cotton throw – modern blanket styling with Peacock Alley’s luxury throws is always a savvy design choice.