Spring 2024 Color Trends For Home Décor

Spring 2024 Color Trends For Home Décor

Spring 2024 color trends span a wide range of emotions. They’re bright, bold, moody, and playful. With a recent shift to celebrate the beauty of the outdoors within the walls of your home, expect to see a lot of earthy tones that call back to nature.

In this detailed guide, we'll walk you through all the latest styles. We'll also explore how to incorporate 2024 bedding color trends into your home. Let's get decorating!

Bold and Bright Colors

Bold and bright hues are making a splash this spring as part of the 2024 bedding color trends. Here's a look at some of the most popular colors to expect.

Playful Pinks

Prepare to see vibrant shades of pink used in non-traditional ways, adding fun and flair to homes. Think candy-colored hues like bubblegum pink as an accent wall or daring hot pink layered into accessories like rugs and throw pillows. Peachy pinks and earthy terracotta colors also give a pop of color while maintaining a softer look.

blue striped bedding in a white room

Bolder Blues

Blues have always been timeless in home décor, but 2024 will bring brighter shades to the mix. These include teals, turquoise, and aquas – all refreshing, watery hues. Sky tones will also have their moment, with rich colors blurring the lines between blue and violet. These cool and serene shades of blue reflect the increased desire to spend time outdoors and bring more elements of nature inside for a meditative vibe.

Powerful Purples

Along with violet, softer purple shades like lilac will be prevalent this spring as they complement trendy pinks and blues. Bolder purples like eggplant and plum will also be popular as neutrals and statement hues in smaller spaces that require less commitment to such a dramatic color. Think entryways, offices, and powder rooms.

Deep and Dark Tones

On the opposite end, dark and moody colors will offer some balance to all the bright and light colors in 2024. Expect to see black hues, chocolate browns, and forest greens to counterbalance all the blues, purples, and pinks.

Moody Blacks

Colors that evoke a moody vibe will be part of the 2024 spring color trends. Soft shades of black are also versatile and timeless. Prepare to see black hues used in place of lighter neutrals as an accent color.

Warm Browns

This year brings a shift away from cooler whites and grays to warm natural colors like earthy browns, creams, and rusts. These shades bring warmth and grounding energy while complementing the outdoor view from your windows.

Earthy Greens

Following the nature-inspired theme, earthy greens will also be popular this year. These fresh shades create a calming and comforting aesthetic. Dark greens will also trend in 2024, offering a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Applying 2024 Color Trends in Bed & Bath Décor

Now that you know the top color trends for 2024, here are some ideas on how to incorporate them effortlessly into your bed and bath décor.

Idea 1: Add calming blues or light purples to your bedding.

For a clean, fresh look, select bed sheets in a solid color of choice paired with crisp white bedding. Or, choose a duvet or blanket incorporating these softer colors into their patterns and prints. Mix textures and patterns in the same color palette to add depth and avoid a monotonous look.

Idea 2: Incorporate bright pinks and aquas through accessories.

Sneak these brighter colors into your bedroom with accessories like decorative pillows and throws. Wall art and tapestries in these vibrant shades can add a playful and energetic touch. For a bolder move, add an accent chair or loveseat for a dramatic pop of color.

neutral tan bath towels and bathrobes

Idea 3: Use soft charcoal and moody blacks as a backdrop.

Use furniture to incorporate dark colors into your room. Then, balance out the striking dark colors by adding lighter shades like crisp whites, soft grays, and pastels. For example, a black bed frame paired with lighter bedding creates a sophisticated look. To use black and other dark colors more subtly, add them in via smaller decorative pieces like lamps and picture frames.

Idea 4: Create a luxurious bath setting with deep greens and browns.

Add these rich colors to your bath décor via your cabinets, wall décor, or mirror frame. Potted plants and succulents on the windowsill can add these colors organically while contributing to an earthy and calming atmosphere. Colored and scented candles can also add subtle hues and enhance the sensory experience.

Idea 5: Add warm neutrals to your bath linens.

Invest in luxury bath towels in beige, taupe, and soft cream to create an inviting spa-like space. Choose high-quality, absorbent materials for both functionality and comfort. Bath mats and rugs in warm, neutral colors will also complement your towels.

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