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Monogram Shop

We all want to leave our mark. Make yours with Peacock Alley monograms on your bedding and bath linens, or on gifts for friends and family.

Whether you love traditional monogrammed towels with initials, or custom sheets personalized with a modern edge, our monogram shop has you covered. With Peacock Alley’s 19 different monogram styles in 25 beautiful thread colors, you can give linens the letter-perfect look you love.

To the Letter: Monogrammed Towels and Bedding

In the bath, a monogram makes a stylish impact. Place your own custom towels by the sink to welcome guests. A modern monogram lets them know they’re somewhere special. Add your initials to your Peacock Alley bathrobe, and you’ll feel like an honored guest at your own personal spa.

Tell your best bedtime story with Peacock Alley monogrammed bedding. Choose vintage-inspired Harper, classic Chaucer, modern and graphic Hudson, or any of our 19 stylish monogram options. Adding your choice of embroidered monograms to our sheets and shams will truly make them feel like your own. Slip between your custom sheets and relax in bedding that’s as expressive as you are.

Monogrammed Gifts: Customized Keepsakes

Make a personal statement with monogrammed gifts for friends and family. Add a dose of collegiate spirit to our Peacock Alley bedrest or blankets for your favorite student. For extra impact, add embroidery and piping in school colors. To celebrate a new home or a new household, personalized towels are the perfect present — just add the homeowner’s or couple’s initials. Or get creative — with our wide variety of embroidery styles and thread colors, your options are endless.

Monogrammed bedding and throws are ideal gifts for weddings or other occasions. Inscribe them with anything: classic initials, a significant date, or a special word that evokes a shared memory.

Explore our monogram shop today to find and create gifts for your loved ones or yourself. Whether you choose a style that’s ornate or graphic, traditional or creative, monogrammed towels and bedding are a stylish way to make your mark and tell your story.