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Use this resource to find the best luxury sheets for your needs and learn about what sets luxury sheets apart from standard alternatives.

Sheets, glorious sheets! Who doesn’t adore luxury sheets that make our bedrooms so comfortable and luxurious that we always get a good night’s sleep?

There are so many incredible choices when it comes to premium sheets and luxury sheet sets for your home bedroom, it’s okay to be a tad bit intimidated by all of the selections available. The experts on luxury bedding at Peacock Alley have created the ultimate guide to luxury sheets to help make your selection a bit easier.

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What is the Difference Between Regular Sheets and Luxury Sheets?

Those who have had the privilege of sleeping on high end luxury bed sheets know that the difference between regular sheets and luxury sheets is so obvious in the way they feel, how long they last, the available fabrics, and more.

Luxury bed sheets and high end linens offer a higher level of comfort that must be experienced to truly appreciate. Here are some of the things we love most about premium sheets and luxury sheet sets for our home.

Why Buy Luxury?

Comfort and Feel

There is truly no comparison when it comes to the differences between regular sheets and luxury sheets when talking about the comfort and feel. Regular sheets leave you wrapped up in scratchy fabric that can cause you to be hot during the night. Sleeping with the best luxury sheets offers the ultimate in comfort and an ultra-plush feel you will not want to sacrifice once you have experienced it!


No one appreciates buying sheets and bedding that constantly need to be replaced. Not only is that extra money that needs to be spent, but it is also inconvenient to have to worry about whether your sheets are up to par at bedtime or when you have guests visiting. Instead, invest in high end sheets and premium sheet sets that are not only long-lasting, and beautiful, but also offer the ultimate in comfort for your bedroom. In fact, luxury sheets actually get softer and more durable with each wash with proper care. While premium bed sheets may cost a bit more, there are also some very affordable luxury sheets as well. Investing in luxury sheet sets now will ensure you and guests in your home will have a great night of comfort anytime you snuggle up in bed.


Regular bed sheets typically offer a variety of different colors and patterns to choose from, but the quality of the fabric and high end style features are usually lacking. The best luxury sheet sets come in a variety of classic as well as modern styles and are available in the most plush and luxurious materials imaginable - flat or fitted.

Health Benefit

Did you know that your bed sheets can actually be beneficial to your health? While regular sheets do not offer any health benefits with their use, many high end sheet materials do offer some wonderful benefits. Luxury linen sheets, for example, help to suppress pathogenic bacteria and dust mites which is great for those with allergies. The silkiness of high end satin sheets is a great choice for those with sensitive skin conditions. In addition, bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and 100% luxury cotton sheets work well for both sensitive skin and allergies.

What Does High Thread Count Mean When It Comes to Buying Sheets?

The term thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads in 1 square inch of fabric. The theory of thread count is that when there is a higher number of threads per inch, it usually indicates that each individual piece of yarn is finer. This means that more pieces of yarn will fit in the 1 square inch of fabric, giving it a smooth and strong weave.

Thread count is usually a sign of a high-quality sheet material, but not always, so it is important to know the difference. Sometimes, thread counts are inflated to make sheets appear to be a higher quality than they actually are. Due to this, it is important to purchase your sheets from a trusted and respected linen store to ensure you are buying high quality linens for your bed.

What is a Good Thread Count for Sheets?

If you are wondering what is a good thread count for sheets, there is no single answer that best suits this question. The thread count for sheets varies by the sheet fabric type and other factors. A good rule of thumb for premium bed sheets is a thread count of 200 to 300 for percale sheets, 300 to 600 for sateen sheets, and 80 to 120 for linen sheets. If you buy premium sheets in this thread count area, you should enjoy a soft and durable set of sheets. Here are some of the benefits of high thread count sheets for your home.

Benefits of High Thread Count Sheets

There are definitely advantages to having high thread count sheets on the beds in your home. Here are a few of the reasons we love luxury high thread count sheets and why we all want them in our homes.

Popular Benefits of High Thread Count Sheets

Thicker Sheet Feel – High thread count sheets offer a thicker feel from the tightly woven threads of the fabrics, which offers a softer and more luxurious texture.

Longer Lasting – Due to the construction of high thread count sheets, these luxury linens offer a longer wearing and stronger sheet fabric. A set of luxury sheets can last 15 years or more with proper care.

Cooler Feel – High thread count sheets made from quality material like Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are not only popular for their luxurious feel but also for the coolness they provide in the summer months and in warmer climates.

What are the Best Luxury Sheet Fabric Types?

One of the best things about luxury sheets for your home is the absolutely fabulous fabrics and materials that are available. Each type of fabric for premium sheet sets comes with its own set of unique perks that make them irresistible to those who enjoy luxury linens in their bedroom.

Here are some of the most popular luxury fabrics for sheets and the benefits they offer those who choose them for their beds.

Luxury Cotton Sheets

High end cotton sheets including Percale, Supima, and Egyptian cotton are some of the most coveted sheets in the world. Not only do these fine linens offer a soft and comfortable feel, but they are long lasting and work well for most people including those with allergies and skin conditions. Luxury Percale sheets offer a crisp, durable cotton fabric that is made with a plain weave, known as the simple one over.

High end cotton percale bedding is soft and offers a crisp, clean feel. Supima cotton is considered by many to be the world’s finest cotton. It is known for its softness, strength, and beautiful natural luster. Supima cotton sheets must be made from woven fibers and materials born from 100% American Supima cotton to be trademarked with the prestigious Supima cotton label. Supima cotton sheets offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Luxury cotton sheets are well worth the investment as they offer the ultimate standard in quality bedding.