Goose Down & Dacron® Down Alternative Bedding

Whether filled with the finest European goose down or our Dacron® down alternative, our duvet inserts and pillows are essential for a good night's sleep.
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What is Down?

Down is made up of the softest under-feathers found in birds. Peacock Alley sources goose down from Europe, used in our luxury down bedding for the softest, warmest and fluffiest qualities possible in bedding. Down is exceptionally lightweight while providing warmth and is a very popular choice for luxury bedding.

Why is Dacron® Bedding an Alternative for Down Bedding?

Dacron® bedding is a wonderful alternative to goose down bedding. Dacron® is man-made rather than sourced from nature, created with polyester fiber to replicate the same luxury feel found in down bedding. The material mimics qualities found in goose down for a cozy feel that clusters, lofts and compresses with you as you sleep. Dacron® bedding is made with heavier material compared to authentic goose down, leading to a heavier and bulkier experience, which many nighttime cuddlers appreciate.

Benefits of Down Bedding Sets

Down bedding sets include pillows, duvet inserts and mattress toppers. A full down bedding set offers a heavenly sleeping environment, like resting on a cloud. Whether you choose down or down alternative, Peacock Alley offers the highest-quality bedding to bring you a luxury sleeping experience.