Luxury Shower Curtains

Elegant shower curtains from Peacock Alley set the stage for relaxation, transforming any bath into an oasis.  

Luxury Shower Curtains Made with High-End Fabrics from Peacock Alley

Shower curtains do so much more than simply keep the water at bay while we are bathing! Luxury shower curtains from Peacock Alley can instantly change the appearance of your bathroom and give it a new and updated look and feel. Not only can upgrading to a high-quality shower curtain enhance your bathroom; but adding a new color palette or changing the theme of your space can be done in mere minutes just by adding a new designer shower curtain.

For those who enjoy total indulgence, Peacock Alley has everything you need to complete your high-end bathroom look with complementary luxury bath rugs, luxury bath linens, and luxury bath towels for a modern, designer look for your home. In addition, Peacock Alley offers designer matching bedding for the Vienna, Pique, and Alyssa luxury shower curtains, which is a perfect choice for bedrooms with private ensuite baths.

What is Standard Shower Curtain Size? Choosing the Right Shower Curtain Dimensions

While there are many beautiful designs and a variety of different colors to choose from when it comes to luxurious shower curtains; there is just one standard shower curtain size to fit most baths and showers. The typical size for a luxury shower curtain is 72" x 72", which will work well for most home bathroom situations. If you do have a unique shower size or need a special shower curtain for your home, Peacock Alley can create a custom-sized shower curtain upon request from one of our amazing high-end fabrics.

How to Care for Luxury Shower Curtains from Peacock Alley

By design, shower curtains are exposed to water in our bathrooms on a daily basis, so it is important that you know how to properly care for your high-end shower curtains to ensure your bathroom is always fresh and that the luxury bath linens lasts as long as possible.

Proper care for your designer shower curtain also means that it will maintain its color as well as the high-quality look and feel you love for much longer.

The luxury linen experts at Peacock Alley have created a helpful Shower Curtain Buying Guide that offers tips that include helpful information such as the types of luxury shower curtains available, the fabulous curtain fabrics, shower curtain size details, how to properly hang a shower curtain, and so much more. Use this guide for reference to help you select the perfect designer shower curtain for your home and also how to care for it over the years.

Peacock Alley Has Everything You Need for a Luxury Bathroom Made for Relaxation

From luxury bath towels and high-end bath rugs to upscale bath robes and designer shower curtains, Peacock Alley is the perfect place to shop for all of your high-end bath linens and designer décor.