Twin Sheets

Standard twin sheets are designed to fit beds measuring 75 inches long and 38 inches wide, with an extra-deep 17 inch gusset for most pillow-top or other thicker mattresses.

If you’re in the market for high-end luxury twin size sheets, you’ve come to the right place. We have a delightful selection of pure cotton sheets available in twin size. Don’t forget to finish off your bedding look with coverlets, duvet covers, and blankets from our complete twin bedding collection.

Why Quality Matters

Whether you’re fully redecorating a kids’ room or just need a new set of twin sheets, quality is important. After all, sleep effects so many parts of our lives, and kids can’t be at their best if they’re not getting enough rejuvenating rest. And part of a good night’s sleep is being surrounded by comfort and warmth. We recommend purchasing the best sheets you can reasonably afford.

Sateen or Percale

Since sheets are the bedding item that has the most direct contact with your skin through the night, getting the feel right is essential. Anything that doesn’t feel wonderful against your skin can cause irritation and lead to a poor night’s sleep.

For some, the softest feel possible is the best option, regardless of fabric density. Others want the warmest option available in order to cocoon themselves in comfort and ward off the chill of night air. Sateen sheets make a delightful choice for either of these needs. Its weave is dense and smooth, and it keeps the sleeper warm throughout the night.

Others are more interested in the breathability factor of their sheets. Or they prefer a crisp feel, not unlike your favorite button-up cotton shirt. Our 100% long staple cotton percale is exactly the feel you’ve been searching for. It’s wonderfully soft, yet crisp and breathable so you’ll feel comfortable and cool through the night.

No matter which feel is right for you, we have a variety of options available in various neutral tones, designed to pair perfectly with the selection of weaves and textures in our luxury bedding collection.

US-Grown Supima® Cotton

You’ve probably heard a great deal about “Egyptian cotton” and the quality claims attached to the name. While it’s certainly true that high quality Egyptian cotton is a delight, today there are many sub-par fabrics also using the name. The fact is, the quality of a cotton fabric is about a whole lot more than just its country of origin.

At Peacock Alley, we’ve scoured the world for cotton fabrics that live up to our high quality standards. And we’re proud to say that in addition to our imported choices from Portugal and Italy, we’ve found American-grown extra-long staple cotton from Supima® to be among the finest choices available. We were so impressed by the quality that we’ve introduced a full line of Supima® cotton sheets in sateen and percale weaves.

If you’re not familiar with Supima®, it has the same breathable and soft feel as our other sheeting, but is proudly grown right here in the USA. Since it’s extra-long staple, this cotton will also stand the test of time, and is quite perfect for everyday use.

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