Fitted Sheets

Our pure long-staple cotton fitted sheets in percale or sateen are so much more than just a cover for your mattress. They provide a smooth and soft layer of comfort for you to lie on, so you can relax into the most enjoyable sleep possible.

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When you climb into bed at the end of a long day, you just want to relax in comfort. You want the smoothest, softest surface available to lie down on. We can help you achieve that goal with fine fitted sheets designed to welcome sleep. Choose from warm, smooth sateen, or crisp and soft percale. And of course, they’re available in a variety of colors and patterns, suitable to match just about any preference or style.

Deep Pocket Sheets

There are few things more disagreeable in the world of bedding than fitted sheets that don’t quite fit. If you have a thicker mattress, use a mattress pad, or have a pillow top bed, you understand the struggle of trying to find extra-deep pocketed fitted sheets that actually stay where they should. Fortunately, our amazingly soft and comfortable fitted sheet options are designed to fit up to a 17" gusset, so you can rest easy night after night.

Minimizing Wear & Tear

While our fitted bed sheets are made from the same high quality fibers as our flat sheets and other bedding, it’s still likely that they will wear out faster. This is because they naturally receive more friction as you move in your sleep. While proper care and washing will help maintain them longer, they’ll likely still wear out faster than your top sheet. The good news is you can buy a fitted sheet only to add to your bedding set so that you can rotate between them and keep your entire bedding collection in excellent condition for years.

Ah, one of life's great mysteries. How to fit a folded sheet? We've prepared a guide to help you do just that.