King Sheets

A luxurious collection of sheet sets and individual sheets for king size bedding. 

King Bed Sheets

A king size mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches. It’s a great choice for families whose small children like to crawl into bed with mom and dad, or for couples who desire extra sleeping space. They are the widest standard mattress size, offering plenty of space if your partner tends to toss and turn, or you just prefer a lot of space to stretch out. Our king size fitted sheets feature a 17 inch pocket, so they’ll even work with thicker mattress styles, pillow tops, and thick mattress pads.

At Peacock Alley, you’ll find a delightful collection of sheet sets and individual sheets, perfect for a king size. We’ve chosen a selection of soft neutral colors for the majority of our bedding, to allow you to mix and match and create a custom bedding look. In addition to our luxury sheets, be sure to check out our fine collection of duvet covers, our signature matelassés, and our delightful collection of decorative pillows.

Fibers Make All the Difference

When choosing bed sheets, you want something that’s going to be soft and comfortable, as well as long lasting and attractive. It is for these reasons that we adore pure cotton sheeting, and we’re pretty sure you will too!

Cotton has been a bedding material of choice for well over a hundred years. Because cotton is a natural material, it’s breathable and versatile. The same plant that produces rugged denim makes soft and airy sundresses. And it makes for a delightfully comfortable bed too. But not all types of cotton can produce the high quality sheeting we require for our bedding collection.

For cotton sheets to last through the rigors of everyday use and washing without pilling or showing a great deal of wear, they must be made from longer fibers than the typical short staple cotton that makes up about 95% of the world’s cotton production. Long staple or extra long staple cottons are a bit more tricky to grow, and so we’ve scoured the globe to find high quality fibers for use in our sheeting.

The fabrics we’ve chosen are made in fabric mills in Portugal and Italy, and more recently we’ve created a collection sourced here in the US, made from high quality Supima® cotton. The quality and strength of these long staple fabrics is sure to stand the test of time, and still be soft and supple, even after repeated washings.

What about Weave?

In addition to fiber, weave is an important factor in choosing the perfect sheets for your bed. Our collection features two weave options, both known for their softness, and each with their own feel and texture.

Our percale bed sheets are made with a plain weave that will remind you of your favorite crisp white shirt. This light and breathable weave is delightful for summer nights or those who tend to sleep warm.

On the other hand, our sateen bed sheet collection is a wise investment for those who want to snuggle into a warmer bed, or for colder winter nights. This four over/one under weave creates a silky soft surface feel with a slight sheen and luxurious drape.

Some choose to outfit their bed in their favorite weave year round. Others, enamored with the look and feel of both options, opt to switch weaves as the seasons change. No matter which way you prefer, you’re sure to enjoy slipping into bed, surrounded by soft luxury and comfort.

This is the Peacock Alley way. This is life. Well lived.

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