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Go beyond the basic bedspread to create the bed of your dreams. Choose a coverlet with smooth satin stitch or a textural matelassé.

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Coverlets, Quilts & Bedspreads: Luxury Linen Covers for All Size Beds from Peacock Alley

Choosing the perfect luxury coverlet or bedspread to complement your high-end bedding ensemble is the key to a stylish and comfortable bed that you can look forward to using each and every night.  Whether you prefer an elegant bedspread with ornate designs or a luxury quilt with a subtle style – Peacock Alley has the perfect, luxury coverlet in a variety of plush materials and in all of the most popular bed sizes.

Luxury Coverlets, Quilts & Bedspreads

Peacock Alley’s collection of luxury bed covers offers an amazing selection of high-quality bedding to choose from.  Indulge and treat yourself to a variety of stylish linen coverlets, elegant bedspreads, and luxury quilts for your bedroom that will add a touch of class to your home. Choose from luxurious cotton coverlets, linen bedspreads, elegant matelassé coverlets, and luxury quilts from Peacock Alley to match any design element, color, or theme.

Our high-end coverlets are available in all of the popular bed sizes and come in a wide variety of styles to fit any room. Create the ultimate bedroom design with luxury queen bedspreads, luxury twin quilts, or king size luxury coverlets from Peacock Alley.

Quilts vs Coverlets: What’s the Difference?

While both are beautiful covers that add style and class to any bedroom design, when it comes to a quilt vs coverlet, there is a distinct difference.

Coverlet - A coverlet is made from a single layer of fabric and is designed to cover the top of the bed and to fall just past the box springs. Coverlets are typically paired with a decorative dust ruffle for a designer look.

Quilt A quilt is created from 3 layers - a top layer of fabric, a middle layer of batting which is the soft, padding of the quilt, and a bottom layer of fabric. The top layer of fabric can be a single piece of material or it can be made by sewing pieces of fabric together to create a design for a unique look.   

Peacock Alley offers a wonderful collection of coverlets made from the finest fabrics for your home.

Coverlet Guide and Style Suggestions

Peacock Alley’s luxury coverlets are one of our most popular high-end bedding items. From skilled designers to home decorators, everyone loves the wonderful collection of coverlets we offer. From beautifully textured matelassé coverlets and intricate quilt coverings, to linen bedspreads and luxury cotton coverlets, we have a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics to accentuate your bedroom or guest room with a designer touch and feel.

Our “Coverlet Styling Guide” offers some great suggestions about how to best use coverlets in your design theme, as well as some helpful tips about the best types of coverlets for your bedroom.

Peacock Alley Has Designer Coverlets, Quilts, and Bedspreads for Your Home

No matter your design preference, favorite color, or desired luxury fabric, Peacock Alley has the perfect bed coverings to make your room stand out and get the attention it deserves.