How to Style a Throw Blanket on a Bed

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Knowing how to style a throw blanket on a bed can elevate a room's overall look. Throws add a layer of warmth, texture, and color while also serving as functional pieces to keep you cozy on chilly days. In this helpful guide, we'll explore the best practices for choosing a throw blanket before delving into the more creative styling tips. Here's everything you need to know about how to style a throw blanket like a pro.

What Are Throw Blankets?

As their name suggests, throw blankets are designed to be “thrown” (aka draped) over a bed, sofa, or chair. Smaller than regular blankets, they come in different materials, patterns, colors, and textures to complement your décor. Along with adding style, they offer snuggly and easily accessible warmth — perfect for an afternoon nap or cozy session by the fire.

Choosing the Right Material

When choosing the right throw blanket, you'll first want to consider the material. While throw blankets are available in various luxe fabrics, cotton and wool are the two most popular types. Here's a look at what makes these materials uniquely different.

Cotton throw blankets — A natural fiber, cotton makes for a lightweight and breathable throw blanket that's easy to care for and clean. This fabric is known for its superior wicking qualities, keeping you cool in warmer temperatures. Choose from woven or knit styles for a designer look.

Wool throw blankets — Wool is also a natural fiber, but it's much warmer and heavier than cotton with its insulation properties. Fine wool, like the 100% super-fine Marino wool in Peacock Alley's high-end throws, is excellent for cooler weather. These throw blankets are warm and breathable, keeping you comfortable without overheating.

Color Coordination

To color coordinate a throw blanket with a room, first note your overall color scheme. Your throw blanket should either complement the colors in your room for a cohesive look or contrast to make the blanket pop as a focal point. (Using a color wheel can help you here.) If you're unsure, neutral colors, like white and beige, easily blend with almost any color scheme.

Patterns can add more depth and personality if your room has solid colors. Textures, like chunky knit or faux fur, can also add visual interest to a room.

Size and Scale

Unlike regular blankets, throws cover your body, not your entire bed. As such, one size can fit a wide range of mattress sizes. Typically, designer throw blankets are 50 x 60 inches in length. At Peacock Alley, however, we offer extra cozy warmth with various luxury throw blankets that measure 50 x 70 inches.

When choosing the right-sized throw blanket for your bed, consider your style and preferences, like if you'd prefer your throw folded and neat or slightly oversized and draped. The size of your throw will also depend on its primary purpose — whether you use it more for decoration or added warmth.

Display Style Tips

How you style your throw will depend on what look you’re going for with your bed and your room’s overall aesthetic. Here’s how to style a throw blanket on a bed in four ways.

Display Tip 1: Diagonal Drape

Diagonally draping your blanket to one side of the bed is one of the most common ways to style a throw. If you'd prefer your bedding to look more orderly and tidy, fold your throw blanket into a rectangle before draping it across a corner of your bed. The length of the blanket will determine how many times you have to fold it, whether in half or thirds. This fold-and-drape method offers the same asymmetrical look that feels more put together.

Display Tip 2: Triangular Styling

Try folding your throw into a triangle instead of a rectangle for a more unique drape. Then, lay the triangular blanket at one of the bottom bed corners. If you prefer a more casual look, you can drape the blanket in a triangle across a corner instead of crisply folding it.

Display Tip 3: Full Display on Top

One easy way to spruce up plain bedding is to spread your throw blanket over the whole bed. Opt for throws with intricate textures or colorful patterns as the focal point. Center the blanket for symmetry; it should act almost like a tapestry on your bed.

Display Tip 4: Layering for Expansion

To make your throw look bigger, layer it on top of larger bedding. Begin with a neutral or solid base bedding underneath, then lay your decorative throw blanket on top. Choose a throw with common shades but varying textures to complement your bedding. To make your throw a stand-out piece, especially if it has decorative trimming or patterns, choose a base that subtly supports those details rather than competes with them.

Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts on Throw Blanket Styling

A well-styled throw blanket gives a custom look to a bedroom, offering a pop of color or a bit of texture. To find the best throws for your home, experiment with different styles and ideas. You will soon discover the perfect aesthetic for your personal space.

Peacock Alley has rich and luxurious throws that take comfort and style to a new level. Made from the finest fabrics, our throw blankets come in the most popular designs. Choose from Merino wool throw blankets with matching pillows or stylish knitted cotton throws. Regardless of which you choose, our modern blanket styling is always a savvy design choice.

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