Winter 2024 Color Trends for a Luxurious Look

Winter 2024 Color Trends for a Luxurious Look

Set your sights on the new year head with a look at the most popular winter 2024 color trends. From warm, earthy hues to bold, moody colors, these luxurious shades will make a statement this season. Read on to find the perfect winter color, no matter your home’s style.

Seven Winter 2024 Color Trends

1. Warm Winter Whites

Whites with warm undertones like vanilla, off-white, and cream are among the top popular winter 2024 color trends. These shades keep things bright and neutral while bringing a sense of depth and sophistication.

At Peacock Alley, our Winter Whites Done Right bedroom style guide offers layers of snuggly warmth in ivory, cream, and tonal stripes. These complementary textures include a 100% extra-long staple cotton Soprano Stripe Sateen Sheet Set for the ultimate soft and buttery feel. For the top layer, we’ve paired the European Goose Down Duvet with the Soprano Stripe Sateen Duvet Cover for an incredibly gentle and cloudlike weight.

2. Dark Green and Olive

Colors and textures inspired by the forest make for the ideal winter color scheme. Rich, velvety, and dramatic greens offer a nurturing connection to nature during the cold, barren winter months. In particular, deep greens work well in south-facing rooms as the natural light can cause the hues to come to life.

3. Earth Tones

Earth tones, like rusty reds and oranges, make a room feel cozy and warm on cold winter days. Ochre is another standout color to incorporate in the winter season. This earthy, golden shade is ideal for creating a burst of energy in a bedroom. It’s also easier than classic yellow to incorporate into your overall design scheme.

wool blanket on leather chair in study by fireplace

4. Navy Blue

The dark “night” shade of navy blue is soulful, creating serenity in a winter room design color palette. It works particularly well in areas where you relax and unwind, such as bedrooms and living rooms. To style a space painted in navy blue, add antique furniture pieces and gilded wall lights for a subtle glow.

5. Teal

Shifting between blue and green in various lights, teal connects us to shades found outside in nature. This affinity with nature creates a harmonious and calming effect. This feeling especially appeals in winter when we often seek comfort indoors from the elements.
Teal is a versatile shade that adds subtlety or dramatic flair to a room. For instance, pairing teal with metallic accents like gold or silver can bring a touch of glamour and elegance to your winter décor.

6. Moody Tones

Dark, moody colors and jewel tones have been trending for a few years and will continue to be popular in winter 2024. These mercurial shades add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any bedroom.
Add small accents like a repainted cabinet in a bold hue to achieve this aesthetic. Or dress your bedding in a dark academia vibe. At Peacock Alley, our Moody Maximalism style guide includes dark shades, vintage flair, and layers of sumptuous linens.

7. Gold

Unlike any other color, gold adds a lustrous hue that exudes warmth and implies luxury. It’s also a versatile shade that coordinates well with many colors while making a bedroom look expensive and rich. This shiny shade brings about optimism, inviting dreams of travel and warmth during the dark days of winter.

How Bedroom Color Affects Your Sleep

Bedroom colors are critical in creating a cozy and relaxing environment during the winter months. Research also shows that specific colors can affect our mood, with green and blue often sparking feelings of relaxation, comfort, and peace.

However, color preferences vary from person to person. The best colors for sleep will be tones that create a sense of calmness and prepare you to wind down for bed.

Incorporating Color with Your Bedding

Here are a few ways to implement this season’s winter color trends into your bedding:

Choose solid-color bedding - First, pick your primary color. Then, layer it with shades and hues of the same color to keep visual interest in your bedding.

Add patterned bedding - Choose a color for your bedding pattern that coordinates with your bedroom’s accents or wall color. Patterned bedding makes incorporating small doses of color easy without being too overwhelming.

Go for an eclectic look - If pre-matched bedding is too uniform for your style, build an eclectic set with two unifying colors. For example, add a striped bed skirt with a floral comforter. When each piece has a unifying color, they’ll bring out a fun, pulled-together look.

Choose your accents wisely - Bedding accessories like luxurious throw pillows and blankets can seamlessly tie your winter colors together. The trick is to choose a different color from your bedding and highlight it through a shade or pattern.

Stay on Top of Winter 2024 Color Trends with Peacock Alley

At Peacock Alley, our bedroom décor collections will help you replicate the latest design trends within your own home. Visit one of our retail locations, and our design team will help you find the best look for your bedroom. Or chat online with one of our design experts for the same top-notch advice. If you prefer to build your own bed, we have beautiful bedding, sheets, and accessories that offer classic and chic looks to stand the test of time.

Elevate your personal space into a cozy haven that reflects your personality and style with our high-end bedding. You’ll find lush linens, fabulous fabrics, and those little details that make a big difference, especially during the cold winter months – helping to improve your health and boost your sleep quality.

Ready to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort? Our luxury linens accommodate a variety of styles to match any home décor.

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