Mi Golondrina at Peacock Alley

Colorful pillows with Mexican flair displayed on a bench at the foot of a bed

Our Peacock Alley Design Studio had the honor of hosting an event for Mi Golondrina recently. 

Ribbons, candles and a live mariachi band serenaded guests as they entered the transformed space. The store was filled to capacity with patrons buzzing about the beautiful bedding and pieces created by Mi Golondrina. 

Mi Golondrina holds a line of beautiful dresses and pieces created by artisans from a small village in Mexico. These pieces are traditionally worn on a wedding day, however, their craftsmanship and detail evoke a beauty that can be worn to bed as well as for every day.

Cristina Lynch, the talented designer behind the Mi Golondrina line, combined her signature tops and dresses with these new bedding and accessory designs. See the pieces below created into decorative pillows and the embroidery accents added to our sheeting and duvets. For more information, visit migolondrina.com.

A bed dressed in white and gold with intricate lace and embroidered accents Colorful pillows with Mexican flair displayed on a bench at the foot of a bed Iron posts decorated with brightly colored ribbon hold candles while a mariachi band plays around an all white bed IMG_6293 Crowds gathered at the Peacock Alley Design Studio for their Mi Golondrina event White luxury bedding accented with gold embroidery White and neutral bedding with lace and embroidery on the pillows Postcards for the Mi Golondrina event at Peacock Alley Design Studio White pillows with Mexican lace detailing A Mi Golondrina dress in white with colorful floral accents hangs in front of matching bedding A row of colorful blankets hang behind a Mexican-themed home decor display A large bowl full of colorful peppers with dried beans and paper onions around it White and blue bedding accented with colorful Mexican floral fabrics A live mariachi band entertains at a bedding and linens store
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