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Guest author Allison Vieger, designer for AV Designs and Bikram Yoga Instructor

My exercise of intention is Bikram yoga.

I fell in love with Bikram yoga because of how amazing I felt after doing the postures in a hot room for 90 minutes. I began to recognize the shift in my mind and body as I deepened my practice and was able to experience all the amazing benefits! One of the key benefits for me personally was a good nights sleep. I was able to find an inner calm and fall asleep right away. Bikram yoga influenced my life in such a powerful and positive way. I became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. I love teaching and I am humbled to share this amazing yoga with others daily.

Allison Vieger after class | Bikram Yoga Dallas | Bikram Yoga Class

To get started in Bikram yoga is simple! Make sure to hydrate before class. Bring your mat, towel and water (also available at the studio) and be sure to show up for class 15 minutes early. Every class is a beginning class and open to the public. The instructor will say the dialogue and tell you exactly what to do for each posture.

1. lavender 2. Chai 3. original drawing by Alyson Fox 4. Eye Pillows

I teach in the mornings and do my design work during the day so the 4:30 Bikram Yoga Dallas is perfect for my schedule. After class I make dinner at home and start to snuggle for the evening.

I like to surround myself with natural and soothing elements to set the mood for a good night's sleep. I love to unwind with a cup of decaf chai with a drop of local honey (also great for allergies!). I keep a vase of French lavender pulled from our backyard garden on my night stand. I always have my barley and lavender eye pillow, that I made at Oil + Cotton near (This is my grown up version for a "blankie").

Before I turn out the lights, I read my devotional book, pray, and jot down what I'm grateful for. This helps me meditate on the abundance of blessings in my life. I always thought that living life with intention sounded epic and unreachable. I've learned it's about being aware, taking care of yourself and your health so you can take care of others and appreciating the little things daily that are so beautiful in our lives.

Allison Vieger  | Designer for AV Designs + Bikram Yoga Instructor

Allison Vieger, Designer for AV Designs and Bikram Yoga Instructor
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