Atlanta Interior Designer, Steve McKenzie, featured at Peacock Alley


Art and Interior Design so often go hand in hand, but to local beloved designer, Steve McKenzie, art is personal.  As a practicing artist for more than 25 years, he has a keen eye and a lifelong appreciation for design.  He is known for his nationally published work in interior design, as well as art. Peacock Alley was fortunate enough to host this true southern gentleman and feature both his talents in our ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) West location. Steve was featured in our Designer Bed Series in which we feature local designers and ask them to create the bed of their dreams using our products. The result is always interesting, always fresh and new. 

Using his original art, Steve created a vignette, illustrating the benefits of a neutral palette (especialy in the bedrom); Bold Design Amongst Restful Retreats. As Steve noted, “Your home should express your style. However, we all need a nest where we can relax. Choosing neutral bedding of fine materials can provide the cocoon where we recharge and regenerate…”

Steve created a layered bed with a mix of comfort, calm and sophistication. His art was the key feature in his design, just as it would be in your home. We especially loved the way he chose to monogram the Grand Euro shams in the upper corners – much like you would see on a dress shirt. This especially suits this kind, charismatic and always well-dressed gentleman.

Learn more at SteveMckenzies.com

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