Meet the Author

Brad Cleveland

National Sales Manager at Peacock Alley


Brad Cleveland, currently serving as the National Sales Manager at Peacock Alley, brings an impressive blend of artistic education and extensive industry experience to his role. With a career spanning nearly three decades in the textile industry, Brad has dedicated 19 of those years to Peacock Alley, making him a cornerstone of the company’s success and growth.

Brad’s journey into textiles began in his childhood, rooted in family heritage. Growing up in a small town, he was surrounded by the world of fabrics thanks to his mother, who owned a fabric store. This early exposure was further enriched by his mother's family, all of whom were skilled in sewing, quilting, and crafting their own clothing. This environment not only fostered Brad’s deep appreciation for textiles but also ingrained in him a comprehensive understanding of the craft from a young age.


Brad’s professional experience is marked by his commitment to Peacock Alley. For nearly two decades, he has been the face of the company at numerous textile and home furnishings markets. His role goes beyond sales; Brad collaborates closely with the product development department to ensure that Peacock Alley's offerings meet and exceed customer expectations. His ability to translate customer needs into product innovation has been pivotal to the company's reputation for quality and luxury.

A respected voice in the industry, Brad is a frequent speaker at continuing education keynotes, where he shares his expertise on luxury linens. His deep knowledge of textiles is further complemented by his hands-on experience visiting mills in Italy and Portugal. These visits have given him invaluable insights into the manufacturing processes that create the luxurious fabrics Peacock Alley is known for.


Driven by his love of design, Brad attended the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA, a prestigious private arts and advertising school, where he majored in Graphic Design. This educational background provided him with a unique perspective and a creative edge that he has consistently applied to his work in the textile industry.