Bath Towels

Bath Towels

Your choice in bath towels is a personal one, based on how they feel against your skin. That’s why Peacock Alley offers a variety of towel designs, each providing a different bath experience.
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Luxury Bath Towels

Indulge in luxury bath towels for your home and turn a regular shower or bath into the perfect spa-like experience for you and your guests. From luxury bath towel sets and high-end beach towels to luxury bath sheets, and even custom monogrammed towels – Peacock Alley’s collection of plush towels are the perfect addition to any home bathroom.

What is the Difference Between Bath Towels and Bath Sheets?

Wrapping yourself in luxury towels after a shower or bath is divine. While most people typically choose standard size bath towels for their home, the coveted luxury bath sheet offers a larger, more absorbent luxury towel and an indulgent bath experience.  

When shopping for high end bath towels for your home, you may have noticed the standard bath towel as well as the bath sheet option. When comparing the bath sheet vs towel features, the main difference is the size of the luxury bath towels. Those who want a more absorbent towel with more coverage may enjoy a luxury bath sheet from Peacock Alley.

There is a considerable difference in the size of a luxury bath sheet and a luxury bath towel, which is what makes them both so unique. Peacock Alley offers a selection of luxury bath towels that measure 30” x 54”. The high-end bath sheet collection from Peacock Alley measures a generous 34” x 60”. If you like a larger bath towel when showering, Peacock Alley’s luxury bath sheets are a great choice.

Oversized bath sheet towels are also an excellent choice for use at the beach or pool. Replace your old, uncomfortable beach towels with stylish and luxurious bath sheets from Peacock Alley instead for the ultimate quality and coverage.

How to Care for Luxury Bath Towels

Taking care of your elegant bath towels and plush bath sheets is the key to them lasting through the years. Instead of simply tossing your luxury bath towels in the washing machine, there are a few tips to ensure your towels will stay soft, plush, and last longer. 

Some common questions we hear from customers include how often bath towels should be washed as well as the best temperature for washing and drying towels at home.

Learn those answers and more about how to properly care for your luxury towels in our ‘Guide to Cleaning Towels: How to Wash & Dry Towels,’ which has some great tips on how to care for your white towels and high end bath linens to keep them looking and feeling their very best for as long as possible.

Peacock Alley Has Luxury Bath Towels Made Especially for Your Home

An investment in luxury bath towels for your home is a savvy choice. Peacock Alley has the perfect luxury bath towel set to match your décor, style, and plushness preference. Indulge in the ultimate comfort for your bath with luxury bath towels from Peacock Alley.