Meet the Author

Mary Ella Gabler

Founder and Chairwoman at Peacock Alley


Mary Ella Gabler, Founder and Chairwoman of Peacock Alley, has spent over half a century transforming her passion for textiles into a brand synonymous with luxury and quality. With a career spanning 52 years, Mary Ella's journey from a young mother sewing patchwork pillows to the leader of an iconic textile company is a testament to her vision, determination, and dedication.

Mary Ella's connection with textiles began in her childhood, growing up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, an area renowned for its exquisite Amish quilting. Raised in a family with a fondness for quilting, textiles have been an intrinsic part of her life since her earliest memories. Despite having no formal training in textiles, her upbringing immersed her in a world where craftsmanship and quality were paramount.


A pivotal moment in Mary Ella's career was when Neiman Marcus became her first customer, leading to the birth of Peacock Alley. This opportunity allowed her to connect with industry mentors at Neiman Marcus and other leading organizations, providing her with invaluable insights and guidance. Over the next five decades, Mary Ella built Peacock Alley into a brand that is both respected and admired within the textile industry.

Her relentless pursuit of excellence has taken her around the globe in search of the finest materials and craftsmanship. From the cotton fields of India and Egypt to the textile mills of Italy and Portugal, Mary Ella has traveled extensively to ensure that Peacock Alley's products meet the highest standards of quality. Her travels have included visits to Spain, France, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, and China, where she has forged relationships with artisans and suppliers who share her commitment to excellence.

Under Mary Ella's leadership, Peacock Alley has become a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the textile industry. Her ability to blend timeless design with exceptional quality has earned the brand a loyal following and a prestigious reputation. Mary Ella's story is not just one of entrepreneurial success but also of passion, resilience, and an unwavering dedication to her craft.


Her formal education at Marjorie Webster Jr. College in Washington, DC, provided her with a strong foundation, but it was her innate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that truly set her on the path to success. After the birth of her two sons, a trip to New York inspired Mary Ella to start sewing patchwork boudoir pillows she had seen in a boutique on Madison Avenue. This small venture marked the beginning of what would become a significant and influential journey in the textile industry.