What is the Difference Between Bath Sheets & Bath Towels?

What's the Difference Between Bath Sheets & Bath Towels?

Nothing beats stepping out of the shower, bath, hot tub, or swimming pool and wrapping yourself in a large, soft, luxurious towel to get you warm and dry. Most people typically buy standard size bath towels for their homes, but there is a better alternative to the regular bath towel that offers so much more – welcome to the coveted bath sheet.  If you aren’t yet aware of the difference between bath towel and bath sheet features and have not yet had the luxury of using these plush and over-sized bath linens instead of regular bath-size towels, you are in for quite a treat!

What is a Bath Sheet?

While shopping for luxury bath linens you may have noticed that you have the choice of a standard bath towel as well as a bath sheet. Standard bath towels are considered to be basic bath linens, but bath sheets off a larger and more desirable experience for the user. When it comes to bath sheet vs towel features, the only main difference is actually the size of the towels. If you prefer a more absorbent towel with a noticeable size difference for larger coverage, the bath sheet may be the right choice for you.

How Big is a Bath Sheet?

Bath Sheet Size vs Bath Towel Size

How big is a bath sheet? That’s a great question, especially since the main difference between bath towel and bath sheet features is the noticeable size difference of the two. Bath sheet size and bath towel size differ greatly, which is what makes them each unique. The bath towel size at Peacock Alley for our selection of luxury bath towels measures 30”x 54” while the bath sheet size for our luxury selection of bath sheets at Peacock Alley measures a generous 34”x 60.”

For those who desire a more substantial towel with a more usable space, bath sheets are the perfect solution.

Bath Sheet vs Bath Towel

What are the Benefits of Bath Sheets?

In addition to the substantial size difference between a bath sheet vs towel, there are some other unique features that should be noted when shopping for luxury bath linens. There are some distinct benefits to using luxury bath sheets instead of bath towels. Here are a few:

Benefits of Bath Sheets   

  • Bath sheets are much more absorbent than bath towels
  • Since they are larger, bath sheets offer the best option for complete body coverage
  • Bath sheets make large, luxurious beach towels and can be used at the beach or pool
  • Using bath sheets offers a more luxurious experience – treat yourself – you are worth it

In addition, bath sheets are also a great choice for those who find themselves reaching for more than one towel at bath time. Using a larger, more absorbent bath sheet offers a better solution for most people and not only works better to dry the body, but also reduces laundry loads, saving energy, water, time, and money.

Upgrade Your Comfort Level with Luxury Bath Sheets

No matter what you use towels for and where you use them, making the change from standard bath towels to over-sized plush bath sheets will upgrade your comfort level and enhance your experience to whole new status. 

High-end bath sheets are perfect for home use and turns an ordinary bath or shower into a luxurious spa-like experience. These popular bath sheets are also a great way to add a pop of color and style to any décor. When it comes to bath sheet vs bath towel features for your home, large, lush, bath towels always make more sense!

In addition to home use, bath sheets are an excellent choice for use at the beach and pool. Replace those worn out and scratchy beach towels with over-sized and stylish bath sheets instead. Treat yourself to a 600-gram weight bath sheet towel that will give you the coverage you need, and the high quality feel you’ll love!

Luxury Bath Sheets from Your Favorite Upscale Linen Store

Those who love luxury bath linens like crisp, white bath towels, luxury bathroom rugs, and plush bath sheets and towels will appreciate that the fine selection of brands, colors, and fabrics of your favorite standard bath towels are also offered in the bath sheet size towel from Peacock Alley. Choose from exquisite bath sheet towels like the 100% long staple cotton, ultra-plush, classic Nantucket Bath Towel Collection with a subtle Diamond pattern or the Chelsea Bath Towel Collection, a zero-twist 100% cotton popular luxury bath sheet that is fluffy yet light weight with quick drying perks. Elevate your favorite bath towels to a whole new level of luxury with a bath sheet from your favorite Peacock Alley Bath Towel Collection.