Summer Bedding Guide

Summer Bedding Guide
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While your soft winter bedding may be quite cozy, it was designed for chilly winter nights. Let the warmer temperatures and carefree sunny days of summer inspire you to update your bedroom design.

Transitioning your space for the change of season is a wonderful way to keep your look fresh and new, not to mention more comfortable. Summer brings warmer weather and the bedding experts at Peacock Alley remind us that sleeping with lighter fabrics and cooler temperatures help us get the best quality sleep.

Here are our top 5 summer bedding ideas that can help you effortlessly transition into the warmer seasons. Making these changes will enhance your bedroom as well as your summer sleeping experience.

Our Top 5 Summer Bedding Ideas

  1. Introduce a lighter color palette to add a fresh feel to your bedroom
  2. Choose lighter weight bedding layers for ultimate comfort
  3. Use decorative accent pieces to add color and enhance your summer bedding
  4. Select high quality fibers like 100% long-staple cotton and breathable fabrics for all your blankets and bedding
  5. Opt for the best sheets based on your sleeping preference. Switch to percale sheets for the summer months as they naturally keep you cooler.

Enjoy your favorite season even more, by building a cool and comfortable summer bedding ensemble.

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How to Dress Your Summer Bed

Transitioning your bedroom for summer makes perfect sense. The temperature and the ambiance during the summer months is much different than those in the winter months, so just as we have a different wardrobe for summertime, so should our bed. Not only will you love the change in the style of your new summer bedding, but you will also sleep much better when surrounded by the right fabrics, blankets, and sheets for summer slumber.

Easy Summer Bedding Ideas

  • Lighter Colors – A lighter color palette of crisp white linens and pastel bedding layers not only make it feel like summer in your bedroom, but these lighter colors can also actually make your bedroom feel cooler. Cool tones like subtle blues, greens, and grays can also help your space feel refreshed.
  • Light Weight Bedding – Summer temperatures call for lighter weight bedding than typically used in cooler months. Transforming your space with bedding that will keep you cool is key during warmer weather. Substitute those warm, cozy duvets for a light weight matelassé coverlet and your thick blankets for a breathable waffle weave option like the Newport Blanket, which is the perfect weight for summer temps.
  • Accent Pieces – Even small seasonal changes can make a significant difference when it comes to transitioning your bedroom for summer. Begin with adding a pop of color with decorative pillows and new textures with a luxury throw blanket.
  • Breathable Fabrics Choose fabrics that breathe well for summer bedding layers. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton were designed for warmer weather. Avoid synthetic fabrics that can hold moisture during summer months and instead choose these light and breathable fabrics for your blankets, duvets, coverlets, and sheets.
  • Summer Sheets – While flannel is great for chilly months, the best summer sheets are those that are light and breathable. Choose percale sheets made from long-staple cotton for a naturally crisp feel that is refreshing during warmer months. Luxury linen sheets are also a popular summer bedding option, as they are breathable and naturally moisture wicking.

Refresh Your Space with Summer Bedding

These summer inspired collections of bed linens with transform your space into a pure summer oasis.

5 Summer Bedding Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom

  1. All White Bed – When a clean, light and breezy look is what you are going for, choose an all-white bedding design for instant relaxation.
  2. Relaxed Linen – Nothing says summer like relaxed linen bedding. This soft and breathable fabric naturally offers light and airy comfort that is easy to care for.
  3. Preppy Pique - A stylish fabric that offers a pop of color to complement the fresh, white fabric, as well as a crisp feel is why pique is a popular choice for summer bedding.
  4. Fresh Florals – Fun and colorful florals add a tropical flair to your summer bedroom design with beautiful colors that complement your favorite luxury sheets.
  5. Amore Coloré - Say hello to summer with the Enzo Collection, an abstract and contemporary part of Peacock Alley’s fine Italian bedding collection. Add bold color with a luxurious design statement with Enzo bedding.

Create Your Summer Bed with Peacock Alley

Creating a cool and beautiful luxury summer bedding ensemble is the perfect way to bring a little of your favorite season into your home. Whether you want to add a pop of color or switch out your winter bedding for lightweight, breezy summer options, Peacock Alley has everything you need to welcome summer into your home.



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