How Long Should a Set of Sheets Last?

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An important consideration when purchasing high-quality linens is their longevity. Our customers ask us the same question: How long should a set of sheets last before they should be replaced?

Peacock Alley bedsheets are made to perform for you for several years. The lifespan of sheets truly depends on quality of fabric and the quality of care you give them. Proper case for bedsheets increases their lifespan. Peacock Alley sheets are made with long staple cotton, which results in stronger yarns for less piling and tearing over time. When trying to determine the life of sheets, keep these things in mind:

Proper Linen Care

Caring for your sheets when washing and drying them will increase the lifespan of your sheets. Now that you’ve purchased luxury bed linens, they should be cared for like a luxury-garment. Refrain from using harsh detergents and drying linens on high heat, which deteriorate the fibers more quickly, and compromise the elasticity of the fitted sheet.

We recommend LeBlanc Linen Wash and Linen Water.  Once the sheets are on the bed, lightly spray them with linen water for an added crisp fragrance.

Sheet Fabric

Cotton sheets, much like clothing, will wear more quickly. Sheets with polyester blends or different fibers will have a longer life.

Type of Sheet

The usage of a sheet will also determine its lifespan. Fitted sheets will wear faster than flat sheets. When you move in your sleep it gets more friction and wear.

Sheet Cycling

If you’re using the same set of sheets night after night, they will wear faster than if you’re rotating sets. We recommend rotating 2-3 sets between the bed, the linen closet, and the laundry, so your sheets will have a break from use. You’ll also always have freshly laundered sheets.

If you have any questions about the care of your linens, see our care instructions on

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