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Relaxed Linens

The Relaxed Linens bedroom style is no fuss, all comfort. Nothing says "Welcome, feel right at home," like the relaxed nature of linen. Soft and breathable with a character all its own, that washed-linen look beckons you to crawl right on in.

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Relaxed Bedding

Taking a relaxed approach to your bedding styles gives you permission to unwind at the end of each night. The versatile nature of relaxed bedding is complete with the Mandalay Linen Duvet Cover, featuring 100% linen with lightweight and breathable characteristics. Enjoy clean lines and tone-on-tone linen cording for a relaxed luxury experience.

- Relaxed and Versatile Style

- Luxury Quality

- Linen Duvet Cover

- Cotton/Linen Percale Sheets