How to Layer Your Bed Like an Interior Designer

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Layering the many beautiful fabrics, colors and textures of luxury bedding, creates comfort as well as a design-inspired style. So many of us want to learn how to recreate a professional look by building a bed with lush layers; sheets, blankets, coverlets, duvets, pillows and shams.

When it comes to working with luxury bedding, knowing how to layer a bed is the key to giving your room a curated look and feel. Creative tips from Peacock Alley can help define your space and give it that professionally styled look we all seek.

Layer Your Bed

Benefits of Layered Bedding

There are multiple reasons for layering your bedding. Knowing how to do it is the key to making the ideal bed – one that looks as good as it feels! From comfort to creating your unique style, below are some of the many benefits that may inspire you to learn to layer like a pro.

  • Customized Comfort – When it comes to layering, think comfort. Seasons bring temperature changes. For some of us, more severe than others. Our bedding needs to reflect this change to give us the ultimate comfort, regardless of the time of year. Temperature plays a big role in how we sleep; think not too hot, not too cold - we want it just right. Perhaps layer a coverlet and a duvet in the colder months and choose a lighter weight blanket with a luxury sheet set in the warmer months. Select bedding layers of the finest cotton and those that make you feel good every time you climb into bed.
  • Personalized Style – Layer bedding that reflects your style; begin with the foundation and add a favorite color or a look you admire of a sought-after interior designer. Choose from solid colors to prints, textured linens to the softest of cottons. Play with layers that are more traditional or choose a simple, more contemporary style. By layering bedding, you can get creative with endless possibilities for a truly professional look and feel you will love.
  • Indulge in Accessories – Nothing completes a bed like well-chosen decorative pieces. Consider adding accessories like patterned, textured pillows or a cozy throw in your favorite color. Layered bedding that includes throw pillows and throw blankets adds comfort and style that can easily be changed and refreshed for a whole new look.

Making the Perfect Bed: How to Layer Like a Designer

There is truly an art form to making the perfect bed. Simple bed layers styled from luxury sheets to accent pillows, is the secret to designing a bed that looks like it was styled by a pro.

  • Enhance Your Mattress – The first step to layering your bed like a designer is to start with a high-quality mattress topper and mattress protector. This layer, typically made of down alternative or a natural fiber, is placed directly on top of your mattress for comfort and loft as well as to protect your mattress for years to come.
  • Choose the Perfect Sheets for You – Selecting the finest luxury sheets is perhaps the most crucial element of all your bedding, as our body sleeps closest to this layer. From soft and smooth sateen to crisp and cool percale, follow the lead of the finest high-end hotels who choose luxe 100% cotton sheets for their beds. Begin with high-quality cotton fitted sheets, with a generous gusset for an easy fit.  Add a top sheet with a touch of color or decorative detail that can be folded over the top of the duvet or coverlet and add to the overall design of the room.
  • Luxury Bed Pillows and Pillowcases – Choosing the right bed pillows is an important layer in your bedding. From pillows filled with the finest European goose down to allergy-sensitive Dacron down alternative pillows, the right pillow can make a world of difference in how you sleep. When paired with the perfect pillowcases from your favorite luxury sheet collection, they can be what sweet dreams are made of.
  • Cuddly, Cozy Blankets – Blankets can add more than just another layer of warmth to your bed – they add to the style as well. Adding a plush cotton or natural fiber blanket is the perfect choice for cooler nights or for those who live in colder climates. Change to a woven cotton or waffle weave blanket in the warmer months or for a lighter layer. In addition, the beautiful texture of blankets add a visible interest to the overall bedding design.
  • Cover it Up - The finishing touch on top of your bed is a soft and cozy duvet and duvet cover.  Not only are these indulgent bed coverings fluffier and lighter than typical comforters, but using a duvet cover allows you to instantly change the look and design of your bedding. Choose a color and fabric that suits the colder months and perhaps switch to a different shade and texture for the warmer months. Pull the duvet all the way up for a luxe and lofty look or fold it neatly at the end of the bed for a more tailored aesthetic. This layer offers versatility and style to your layered look.
  • Love Your Duvet but Not in the Warmer Months? - Over the years we have learned a trick or two and love sharing these with you. A favorite that we have come to rely on goes back to the days of blanket covers. Take a favorite duvet cover and instead of using a down or down alternative insert, choose a cotton blanket, like our All-Seasons Cotton Blanket. It is just the right weight for the summer months and gives a minimalist style that can freshen up the look of your entire bed.
  • Accessorize It! - This is where you can really be creative and have fun! Decorative bedding accessories allow you to add a layer of luxury design elements that truly customize and personalize your bed. From designer throw pillows that can be used to complement your bedding to pretty throw blankets that not only add texture and style to your bedding, but comfort when you need it. The possibilities are endless and can be an easy way to refresh your look at any time.

Let Peacock Alley Help You Luxuriously Layer 

At Peacock Alley, we pride ourselves on helping you easily recreate a luxe, layered look at home. We offer all essentials in luxurious bedding layers; mattress toppers, sheets, blankets, duvets, pillows, and accessories to complement every bedroom aesthetic. Enhance your space with these beautiful bedding elements for the ultimate in comfort and eye-catching style.

The design professionals at Peacock Alley have created a “Bedroom Style Guide” to make this process easier for you. Choose a look that suits your own and be inspired by the endless bedding ideas for your home.

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