How to Make a Luxury Bed Hotel Style

How to Make a Luxury Bed Hotel Style

High end hotels sure do have a way of making their beds so ultra-comfortable and dreamy, that you often don’t even want to leave! If you are still thinking about the luxury hotel bedding and amazing night of sleep you had while indulging in the ultimate hotel style bedding comfort, you will be thrilled to learn how to make a bed like a hotel so you can have the perfect sleeping environment right in your own home!

How to Make a Luxury Bed

Once you have chosen the perfect mattress for your home bedroom, it is time to learn how to make a luxury bed just like your favorite hotel does. These tips from the luxury bedding experts at Peacock Alley will give you a great night’s sleep and will also look absolutely fabulous in your home!

Tips to Make a Luxury Hotel Style Bed
in Your Home

  • Add a High-Quality Mattress Enhancer for a Hotel Like Bedding Experience - Putting first things first, a plush mattress enhancer is on point if you want to know how to make a bed like a hotel. Placed directly on top of your current mattress, a high-quality mattress enhancer like one made from down or down alternative, is a great choice for the base layer of your luxurious hotel style bedding.
  • Use Crisp and Classic All White Bedding – Nothing says luxury hotel bed like plush, all white bedding for your home bedroom. Not only are white linens used most often by high-class hotels, but it also creates a clean, fresh, look and feel, and offers a mood of being in a cloud of bedtime softness. White bedding is also surprisingly super easy to take care of and maintain.
  • Stick to Flat Sheets vs Fitted Sheets – When trying to recreate the luxury hotel style bedding from your favorite getaway destination, experts suggest using high-quality flat sheets vs fitted sheets to achieve the perfect level of comfort. Hotel style bedding typically does not include fitted sheets, but instead incorporates the use of luxury hotel bedding techniques like using an oversized bottom, flat sheet that they tuck tightly around the mattress using what they call “hospital corners.” The top sheet, which is also a flat sheet, is firmly tucked in on both sides as well as at the foot of the bed. The top of the sheet is neatly folded over about six inches, then it is also tucked into both sides of the mattress. Pro Tip:  Be sure to put the top flat sheet on the bed upside down (or inside out) so that when it is folded over, you will see the part of the sheet with the decorative trim or embossing.
  • Choose Luxury Sheets - If you want to know how to make a bed hotel style, sheets are a huge consideration. Hotel style sheets are definitely a big part of the reason that we all love luxury hotel bedding.  Hotel sheets are silky and crisp and feel like heaven when you slip inside them. Those luxury hotel sheets you adore are typically 100% cotton or Supima cotton and have a 300-thread-count. Hotels choose these cotton sheets because they very breathable, help you stay cool, and are easy to care for.
  • Sleep on High End Pillowcases – The ultimate in bedtime luxury is a high end pillowcase. Since your face and head rest on your pillowcase each night, special attention should be given to this part of your luxury bedding ensemble. If you are looking for the same upscale hotel like bedding, the top hotels are using the luxurious 100% cotton or Egyptian cotton pillowcases that match their high-quality sheets. High end pillowcases let you indulge in the ultimate comfort each time you rest your head.
  • Add Luxury Pillows for a Hotel Feel – Luxury hotels beds are known to have thick, plush pillows. From elegant and comfortable throw pillows that add a pop of style or color to the room to luxurious bed pillows – and lots of them – that provide just the right amount of support and comfort for sweet dreams each night, hotels love pillows! Since you will definitely need to do some pillow shopping to create the high-class hotel ambiance you are looking for, you should know that five-star hotels usually provide two to four down pillows as well as two additional fiber-fill pillows for each bed, giving the pampered guest (you) all of the options needed for the perfect comfort. When choosing the decorative throw pillows for your bedroom, look for quality pillow covers like linen and fillings like down for the best feeling luxury throw pillows that will last for many years.

Peacock Alley Has the Luxury Hotel Style Bedding to Make Your Home Feel Like a Vacation Getaway

The bedding experts at Peacock Alley understand just how big of a role comfort plays when it comes to the quality of sleep you get each night.  We are dedicated to offering you high-quality hotel like bedding so your bed at home can feel as wonderful as the one in your favorite luxury hotel.