Layering Your Bed For Every Climate


We LOVE layering here at Peacock Alley- but how does layering your bed change depending on the climate you live in or just your own preferences?  We’re here to show you three simple ways to help you make your cozy bed even cozier. 

If you’re bearing the chilly winter nights and even chillier early mornings, the best way to layer your bed to keep you toasty is:

  • Start with a fitted and flat sheet.
  • Add a matelassé (coverlet) or blanket or both!
  • Last, but definitely the best part - add your duvet. For a classic and elegant look, take a peek at our duvet covers inspired by our founder, Mary Ella.

For those enjoying the ever-changing temperatures -one day is 35 degrees and the next day is 78 degrees (Texans?), this is the perfect way to layer your bed to keep you warm and cool:

  • Start with a fitted and flat sheet.
  • Layer with a coverlet.
  • Fold blanket at the foot of the bed – for some cozy blankets that will match any style, check out our Faro Throws. the basket weave design of this knitted throw is breathable yet cozy. 

If you’re feeling the hot summer rays during the day and night (and can’t imagine adding another layer on to your bed), here is the perfect way to keep cool in two steps:

  • Start with a fitted and flat sheet -one of our favorites is the Lyric Sheeting Collection.
  • Layer with a light blanket.
  • In the below picture we have shown the casual elegance of Braga, pulled up over the light blanket to complete the look. This can easily be pulled down at night if you don't prefer to sleep with the added warmth.

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