White Bath Towels

Choose from ultra soft bamboo to cotton towels, made so every bath feels like a trip to a luxury spa. Made from natural fibers to keep them highly absorbent and quick drying. 

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It’s no secret that we simply adore an all-white bed. Its purity and simplicity add a touch of timeless elegance to any bedroom decor. Likewise, it’s hard to go wrong with pure white bath towel sets. Choose a set of white bath towels that feel amazing against the skin and absorb water like a sponge. Want a bit of a special, personalized touch? Add a monogram and make them your own.

We think you’ll find that our luxury bath towels are hard to beat. They’re made from natural fibers to keep them highly absorbent and quick drying. And we’ve chosen ultra soft bamboo and cotton towels to make sure every bath feels like a trip to a luxury spa.

It’s All About Texture

When creating the perfect luxury bathroom, it’s easy to focus on color palettes. But a flat palette of even the most beautiful colors will still fall flat. To add depth and interest, it’s important to pay attention to textures. That’s why we’ve created a whole line of bath linens that feature a variety of textures. With the proper textural details, a set of white towels can go from bland to beautiful.

The fluffy softness of our Jubilee Collection is a perfect option for those looking for traditional feel, similar to a high-end hotel. Looking for something with a bit more thickness? The fluffy soft feel of our Chelsea Collection will not disappoint. For a minimalist look without sacrificing softness, try the supple feel of our Bamboo Collection.

But perhaps you’d prefer something with a unique flair. The elegant scrolling on our Park Avenue Collection is sure to be a stand out in any bathroom decor. If southern charm is more your style, you’re going to love the soft scallops of our velvety Overture Collection.

A Variety of Sizes

Our white bathroom towels are available in a variety of sizes. Our bath towel is a generous 54 inches long, and available in either 30 inch or 27 inch widths. For those looking for a bit longer towel to wrap around, our bath sheets measure 35 inches wide by 60 or 65 inches long.

Next down the list is our selection of white hand towels. Whether they’ll hang beside the sink in the master suite, or be available to guests in your powder room, these 30 inch long towels are a lovely size.

Finally, a white washcloth in a twelve by twelve size is the perfect size for using in or out of the shower. Be sure to pick up a few extras so you’ll always have a clean one on hand. In some of our collections, you can even purchase a white towel set, with one bath towel, one hand towel, and one washcloth. This can then be augmented with extras of your favorite sizes, or by adding in a bath sheet if you so choose.

No matter which of our towels you choose, be sure to pair them with our luxury shower curtains and luxury bath rugs. And don’t forget to add an embroidered monogram for that extra special touch.

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