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No king size bedding ensemble is complete without its foundation, a luxury bed skirt.

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King Dust Ruffles & Bed Skirts

When finishing off the look of your bedroom, many find a bed skirt to be an invaluable asset. No king size bedding ensemble is complete without its foundation, a luxury bed skirt. In addition to keeping things tidy, it’s a lovely way to hide away ugly box springs, unsightly metal bed frames, or hidden under bed storage.

So Just What Is A Bed Skirt Anyway?

You might wonder what the difference is between bed skirts vs dust ruffles for king size beds. There are subtle differences in the way they are constructed. Technically, if the item is tucked between your box spring and your mattress, it’s a bed skirt. If, instead, it is held directly to the outside of the box spring with elastic, hook and loop closures, or some other mechanism, it’s a dust ruffle.

Technically speaking, all of our offerings are bed skirts, not dust ruffles. You’ll see both terms on our site so that those who use them interchangeably can easily find our collection too.

Further confusion can occur over the different types of king size bed skirt construction available. The simpler version is a deck bed skirt. This means you have a piece of deck fabric that covers the entire top of your box spring, and then the bed skirt itself is sewn onto that. The downside to this arrangement is that the length is not easily adjustable, so it must be either custom made to fit the height of your bed, or you have to search out one that fits properly off the rack.

The other option, and the one we have chosen for our skirts, is a paneled bed skirt. A paneled skirt comes in several pieces, and each is attached to your bed with pins or other means. This allows you to adjust the length of your skirt to perfectly fit your bed. For instance, a 21” drop bed skirt will fit on a bed that has only an 18 inch drop by simply tucking more of the fabric between the box spring and mattress. All of our skirts are sized to fit even the highest beds with ease.

How Our Bed Skirts Fit Your Décor

Our collection of bed skirts in king size are a perfect way to complement your master bedroom décor and keep things tidy at the same time. We’ve chosen solid colors for our collection, to make it easy to match them to any of your favorite Peacock Alley bedding.

For a crisp, clean look, opt for a tailored white bed skirt in king size. This is particularly striking in a thicker fabric, such as our finely textured matelassé quilt, designed into a tailored pleat bed skirt, suitable for a regal and fitted look.

A softer, more feminine appeal can be achieved with a ruffled skirt made from a lighter fabric such as our soft cotton sateen or even a linen dust ruffle. This light and breezy look is also perfect for those hot summer months!