Is a Dust Ruffle the Same as a Bed Skirt?

Is a Dust Ruffle the Same as a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt, often referred to a dust ruffle, is a luxury bedding item that is used for a variety of decorative as well as functional purposes in the bedroom. The finest, luxury bedrooms use different types of bed skirts to enhance the theme of the room and add an upscale feel and mood to the space. Learning more about this popular bedding staple can help you determine which type of bed skirt is best for your bed.

What is a Bed Skirt?

For those not familiar with all of the luxury bedding terms used today, you may be asking - what is a bed skirt and what is a dust ruffle? Both are great questions, as you have surely heard of these when talking about luxury bedding.

Whether you refer to it as a bed skirt, a dust ruffle, or even a dust ruffled bed skirt - this luxury bedding staple is used to cover the area between the bottom edge of your duvet and the floor.  From decorative to functional, there are a variety of different ways to use a luxury bed skirt in your home.

Dust Ruffle vs Bed Skirt: What is the Difference?

The term dust ruffle and bed skirt are both correct terminology when it comes to luxury bedding pieces for your home. Each is referring to the exact same bedding product, so it is no surprise you may be confused! It is really just a matter of preference as to what you call it in your part of the country or world. No matter what you call it, the decorative bed skirt is a popular choice when designing a luxury bedroom.

Why You Need a Bed Skirt

  • First and foremost, a dust ruffle does actually keep dust from getting under your bed.
  • Luxury bed skirts are a great way to add another design element to your bedroom décor.
  • A dust ruffle can used to cleverly (and beautifully) conceal your box spring part of your mattress set.
  • Things like suitcases and boxes that we sometimes store under our bed can be easily hidden by a decorative bed skirt that matches your bedroom decor.
  • A dust ruffle can hide cords, parts of the mattress frame, and other unsightly necessities while making a fashion statement.

Different Types of Bed Skirts

Just as there are sheets, duvets, blankets, and pillows, there are a variety of different types of bed skirts available for your home. Dust ruffles and bed skirts can match the theme of your bedroom, the color, or even the same pattern of your favorite duvet or bedding.

The most popular types of bed skirts are the gathered and pleated. Tailored bed skirts are also a popular choice, which are available as a straight piece of fabric without pleats or a single pleat on each side. Layered dust ruffles are also a good choice for luxury bedrooms. Layered bed skirts are typically created with a solid piece of fabric on the underside of the skirt, and a layer of sheer fabric, like organza, that is layered on the outside of the skirt.

In addition to the large variety of styles, there are also different sizes of bed skirts available. The two main lengths for luxury dust ruffles are 14” and 16” inches. Recently though, the mattress industry has been marketing and manufacturing deeper and wider mattresses for homes, so the bedding industry has made creative efforts to keep up, with the creation of the modern luxury bed skirt.

The Modern Luxury Bed Skirt

Instead of traditional styles of bed skirts that were made with a single piece of material with side panels and a decking material that stretched between your mattress and box springs, the modern bed skirt has evolved.  

Creative designers of modern bed skirts have a solution for today’s thicker mattresses with the adjustable bed skirt. These luxury dust ruffles include three separate panels instead of the traditional single panel style. There are two panels for each side of the bed, as well as one for the foot of the bed. The three-piece construction style means the convenience of split corners, which is the perfect solution for accommodating any type or size of footboard or bed posts that are positioned at the foot of the bed. These luxury bed skirt panels are easily pinned into the box spring with six to eight attachment pins, which are typically included with the purchase of your bed skirt.

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