With luxurious fabrics, high quality construction, and incredibly soft down & down alternative fills, our pillow collection is a delightful compliment to our fine bed linens.

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Bed Pillows

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of sleep. If we’re getting enough, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep can boost your mood, help moderate your weight, benefit your heart, and keep your mind clear and focused. While you sleep, a good quality pillow provides support for your head and neck, so you don’t wake up stiff and sore. So choosing the proper luxury pillow to help you sleep better is a pretty important decision!

We find that, like many things in life, the old traditional standbys still hold up. For that reason we’ve chosen a goose down filler for our bed pillows. In addition to being incredibly light and soft, down tends to hold its shape well, and down pillows often outlast their synthetic counterparts. But we don’t use just any down. Our high quality goose down is responsibly sourced, and always meets or exceeds an ultra-clean rating. It’s a responsible and worthwhile.

But what about pillows for those who are allergic to down? We have an option for you too! Our down alternative pillows are just as soft, just as delightful to sleep on as our down pillows, without the worry of allergens. Available in medium or firm, they’re made with Dacron fiberfill for a supportive yet soft sleep experience.

Choose from our bed pillows in standard, king, or euro size. Or select several in different sizes to create a layered look on your bed. And don’t forget to dress them each with our delightful luxury pillow cases and pillow shams.

Decorative Pillows

But of course, we offer more than just bed pillows. We also have a beautiful collection of decorative throw pillows to delightfully adorn your home. Choose from fabrics like our lovely linens, pique, or jacquard. And we have sizes like the grand euro, bolsters, oblongs, and square.

They’re perfect for piling on the bed, in your favorite chair, or anywhere your décor could use a touch of softness. Our decorative pillows come in several soft neutral colors, certain to fit in well with just about any décor, or in white with bright pops of color for a more eye-catching look. You can even choose from corded or flanged pillows, and add embroidery or a monogram for a personalized look that is all your own.

No matter which of our pillows you choose, you’re going to receive a quality product that will look delightful in your home. Learn how to care for your luxury pillows with our Pillow Care Guide.

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