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Duvets & Bed Pillows

After searching for just the right components, crafted in just the right way, we are pleased to present our newest sleep products designed to help you get your quota of Zs.

Choose Your Duvet: Down or Down Alternative

Cast aside your comforter and instead sink into a dreamy duvet from Peacock Alley, available in goose down or down alternative. Each Peacock Alley down duvet is filled with the finest European white goose down, which is responsibly sourced and sterilized using the Ultra15 Clean™ process. Then we wrap it in a 400-thread-count cover made of silky smooth, down-proofed cotton sateen. Our down duvet’s year-round weight is perfect for mild weather or for layering with your other favorite Peacock Alley bedding.

For those seeking a down alternative, we’ve selected hypoallergenic Dacron® blend; it clusters, lofts, and compresses just like the real thing. And like real down, Peacock Alley down-alternative duvets (or comforters as you may have heard them called) offer the same light weight for all-year comfort or for layering to add warmth and luxury.


Of course the perfect duvet requires the accompaniment of perfect pillows. We’ve chosen some of the highest quality goose down or our amazingly comfortable down alternative to fill our pillows to just the right density. Where else would you want to lay your head?


Purchase your products from the Sleep Well Collection by Peacock Alley. Sleep on our bedding for up to 100 nights. If you are not completely satisfied, return it. Now that's simple.


Every few months, to help keep moisture down and the fluffing up, toss your down duvet into a front-loading dryer set on air or low. We recommend periodic laundering by a professional to maintain optimal fluff.