What is Supima Cotton?
Getting to Know Supima Sheets

What is Supima Cotton? Getting to Know Supima Cotton Sheets

When it comes to choosing luxuriously soft, fine bedding like sheets, blankets, and duvets, the fabric you select truly makes all of the difference in the world. While there are a variety of materials that make comfortable bedding, there is something special about Supima cotton that makes it stand out from the many choices available today for luxury sheets and bedding.

To know why Supima cotton sheets are so coveted, here’s some helpful information about this type of cotton and why we love to use it so much in our homes.

Supima Cotton

Supima Cotton

What is Supima Cotton?

Considered by many to be the world’s finest cotton, Supima is a fiber known for its softness, strength, and beautiful natural luster. Grown in the USA, Supima cotton comes from the states of California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Supima cotton is coveted because there is only a small amount of it, as it only makes up about 1 percent of the cotton that is grown in the world today. To be trademarked with the prestigious Supima cotton label, sheets and other luxury bedding items must be made from 100 percent American Supima cotton that meets strict standards and requirements.

What Makes Supima Cotton So Unique?

Supima cotton is different from other types of cotton due to its unique, extra-long staple fiber that gives the Supima cotton its valuable properties like strength, softness and natural sheen. In addition, the extra-long staples allow it to be spun into a fine yet durable single-ply thread. This is what makes the Supima sheets a softer, longer lasting, and more breathable luxury sheet. You may find that luxury Supima sheets cost a bit more than other types of cotton sheets, but they offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort, and are definitely worth the extra expense to someone who wants top quality, luxury sheets and bedding.

What is the Difference Between Supima Cotton and Regular Cotton?

Not all cotton sheets and luxury bedding items are created equal. In fact, Supima and regular cotton are actually two distinct and different species of cotton. The main difference between the various types of cotton is the type and length of fiber. Regular cotton has an average fiber length of about an inch, but Supima cotton has fibers that are typically 1.5 inches.

The shorter the cotton fibers, the rougher the yarns and threads, which causes pilling on the surface of items like sheets. The longer fibers of the Supima cotton add to the softness and durability of products for your bedroom.

Supima vs Egyptian Cotton

When referring to luxury bedding options, you may have also heard the term Egyptian cotton. While they are sometimes confused, Supima and Egyptian cotton are completely different. The term Egyptian cotton only indicates the country of origin of the cotton and does not indicate anything at all about the quality of the sheets and luxury bedding. The majority of Egyptian cotton is from long-staple or even a regular cotton variety. All items marketed as Supima cotton, however, are labeled as such to indicate that the cotton used was indeed premium, extra-long staple cotton.

Supima vs Pima Cotton

Another term used in luxury sheets and bedding products is Pima. Although it sounds much like another luxury cotton used for sheets, Pima is actually just a generic term meaning a better quality of cotton. This does not, however, indicate that the product is made with the high quality extra-long staple cotton. Supima cotton refers to American-grown, extra-long staple cotton used in luxury linens. The word Supima is actually the licensed trademark that is used to promote luxury cotton linens. In order for sheets to use the Supima name, the fabric must have been properly sourced through a licensed supply chain.

Benefits of Supima Cotton Sheets

When you see the branding indicating that your sheets are 100 percent Supima, you are promised that materials used to make the product are 100 percent pure. Soft and luxurious Supima cotton sheets are truly what pleasant dreams are made of.  Here are some of the benefits of Supima sheets and why we love them so very much!

  • Supima cotton sheets are some of the most luxurious sheets in the world. Due to the fineness of pima cotton, more fibers are able to be spun into a yarn of a higher count, which enhances its softness, and gives it amazing drapeability.
  • Making life simple as well as comfortable, pima sheets require no fuss and are so easy to care for.
  • Double the strength of regular cotton, Supima cotton makes sheets that better retain their shape and lustrousness and last for years to come.
  • Organic Supima cotton grown in the USA is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Caring for Supima Cotton Sheets & Luxury Linens

Luxury Supima sheets are easy to care for and you may be surprised to find that they do not require any special care at all! These superior sheets don’t need the typical special laundering requirements as other fine beds linens; simply wash them as you would your regular cotton sheets and you are ready for a great night of sleep.

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