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Pima is a fiber renowned for softness, strength, natural luster and considered by many to be the world’s finest cotton.

Peacock Alley’s mission has always been to search out the best cotton and the finest mills and for Fall 2018, we are pleased to introduce two new Pima cotton sheets in white and ivory, available in both sateen and percale.

What is Supima Cotton?

The name Supima® comes from Superior Pima and is a US-only trademark. The Supima trademark guarantees those products are made of 100% American
extra-long staple Pima cotton.

Where is Supima Cotton grown? 

Because of the climate necessary for growing Supima cotton, it is primarily grown in the western and southwestern United States. Extra-long staple Pima cotton is also grown in Australia, Israel, and Peru.

Less than 1% of the world’s cotton meets the standards required to bear the Supima name.

Pima Cotton vs. Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is also known for its quality, but today only a small amount of cotton grown in Egypt meets the extra-long staple quality standard.

In the past 5 years, Egyptian cotton production has amounted to less than 5% of the annual global extra-long staple cotton. Pima now represents 40% of the world’s extra-long staple production and is considered the cotton of choice with many of the world’s finest quality yarn spinners.

Our All-New Collection of Pima Sheets

Our new Pima Percale and Pima Sateen are constructed from Supima cotton grown in the USA and made in Italy.

The design of our new sheets and pillow cases focuses on simple, classic styling and, as with all of our other sheets, are finished to have a great hand, which only gets better over time, with proper care.

Fine quality sheets are an investment in sleep and wellness. Our new pima sheets offer our customers more choices in extra-long staple cotton sheets and enhance our line comprised of well-known favorites, like Soprano, Lyric and Virtuoso.

Flat sheets and pillow cases are finished with a pin tuck detail, classic enough for those liking traditional styles and contemporary enough for those who prefer modern.

Supima® 45 is a 450 thread count percale pima, available in white or ivory and named in honor of our company’s 45th anniversary.

Derived from the Italian word for ‘simple’ and named to reinforce the simple beauty of the design, Supima® Semplice is a 550 thread count sateen pima available in white or ivory.

White Supima Pima Cotton Sheet Set

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supima pima cotton field

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