What's the Difference Between Bath Mats & Bath Rugs?

What's the Difference Between Bath Mats and Bath Rugs?

When we step out of the bathtub or shower, it is nice to have a soft, plush, and warm place for our feet to land. Most of us have a bath mat or a bath rug waiting for us to step onto in our bathrooms at home, but did you know that the two are not created equal? Do you know the difference between bath mats and bath rugs? If not, no worries - most people don’t! Nevertheless, there is in fact a difference between the two that could influence which one you select for your home bathroom.

Bath Mat vs Bath Rug

When choosing décor for your home bathroom, it is helpful to know the differences between a bath mat vs bath rug so you can choose the best option for your space. Bath mats and bath rugs each have their own specific purpose. They also feature different aesthetics, so it is important to know details about each so you can properly choose between a bath mat vs bath rug for your family. 

  • What is a Bath Mat? – A bath mat is made specifically for preventing slips and wet floors in your bathroom. Bath mats are used right in front of your bathtub or shower to absorb water after you bathe. They are typically extra absorbent and offer non-skid features for safety.    

  • What is a Bath Rug? – While luxury bath rugs can also soak up water after a bath, they were really created to be a design element in your bathroom. Bath rugs can be coordinated with your bathroom theme and can match curtains, towels, and shower curtains to complete a look. They can be used anywhere in your bathroom and are not limited to the front of your bathtub or shower. 

The main difference between a bath mat and a bath rug is that while very pretty, bath mats tend to be more functional, while bath rugs are plush and give a more luxurious feel to the space. While both are great choices for your home bathroom, it really just depends on your personal preference as to whether a bath mat vs bath rug will work best for you. Here are some tips to help you decide which is the best solution for your area.

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Common Bath Mat and Rug Sizes

Pedestal Sink 20" x 31"
Bath Tub

22" x 34"

Double Vanity or Large Soaking Tub 24" x 40"


What is the Best Bath Mat and Bath Rug Material?

Both of these luxury bath items are available in a variety of different materials to choose from. While cotton remains a classic and popular choice for luxury bath rugs, here are some of the most popular bath rug materials and the benefits of each.

Best Luxury Bath Rug Material


  • Wool – If you like thick bath rugs, wool is the best bath rug material for you.  Wool holds moisture well and also allows good air circulation to keep it fresher.


  • Chenille - Woven from other fibers, chenille bath rugs are a smart choice due to the water-resistant nature of the material. While not quite as soft as cotton bath rugs, these are very durable and work well in home baths. 

Best Luxury Bath Mat Material

  • Cotton – As with bath rugs, cotton bath mats are the most popular choice. Cotton bath mats offers a luxuriously soft sensation, are very durable, they dry quickly, and feature superior water absorbency. Cotton bath mats also wash very well, making them a smart choice for any home bathroom. 

  • Memory Foam – These ultra-comfortable bath mats are becoming a popular new trend. Memory foam bath mats have exceptional water absorbency, provide exceptional comfort, and are easy to care for. 

  • Bamboo – For those who prefer to stand on a more solid surface after a shower, bamboo bath mats are a popular choice. This sustainable option of bamboo grass bath mats is great because they are resistant to water penetration, making them perfect for wet environments. These durable bath mats will last for years since there are virtually indestructible. 

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