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Twin Bedspreads, Quilts, and Coverlets

A bed dressed with one of our twin size bedspreads, quilts, or coverlets will make for a pleasing, comforting guest or kid's bedroom to come home to.

Layering Your Bed is Key

One of the best ways we know of to create a versatile bedroom ensemble that will work for all seasons is to layer your bedding. A twin coverlet makes an excellent addition for layering because of its versatile weight and polished look. Pair a printed duvet cover and a solid color twin quilt for a fun look, or design an all white bed using fun textures like a twin matelassé coverlet and a linen cuff duvet cover.

In the warmest months, use your twin size quilt with your favorite sheets and skip the duvet altogether. As the weather begins to turn colder, add the duvet, folded at the foot of the bed and ready for use whenever it’s chilly. When winter is at its coldest, place the duvet under a quilted coverlet for maximum warmth and cozy sleeping.

All White Bed or Soft Neutral Palette

When you’re creating a bedding ensemble, it can be tempting to just grab one of those all-in-one options off a store shelf and call it a day. But taking the time to hand select each layer of your bedding offers a customized look that’s all your own. But if you’re not really familiar with color mixing in interior decor, this can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we’ve chosen the colors of our luxury bedding to look delightful together, in just about any combination.

The classic all-white bed is a staple around here. It’s our go-to look because of its timeless allure and ease of integration with any room decor. There’s just something about all that crisp, clean white that speaks of quality and softness.

If you prefer a bit of color in your bedding, you can’t go wrong with the soft neutral hues we feature in our collection. Elegant coverlets in colors like linen, flint, and pearl will easily mix with the duvet cover and shams of your choosing. Play around with the whole collection and create your own bedding look with ease.

An Easy Care Option

Let’s face it, kids are messy! The last thing you want in a kids’ room is fussy bedding that has to be specially laundered or hand washed. Fortunately, our collection of twin bed coverlets is astoundingly easy to care for. We’ve chosen fabrics that you can machine wash on the delicate cycle to keep things fresh without all the fuss. And our natural fibers like cotton and linen are crafted in weaves that actually get better with each laundering. So you can keep things clean without worry, and your luxury twin bedding will look and feel amazing, wash after wash.

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