Peacock Alley Luxury Candles

Luxury Candles

Ignite an ambiance of serenity with our luxury home fragrance collection of candles. Hand-poured with the finest ingredients, our candles will illuminate your space and envelop it in a captivating, long-lasting fragrance.

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Peacock Alley’s designer candles are a blend of enticing fragrance notes to spirit you away. Choose your favorite type of fragrance, light a Peacock Alley scented candle, and enjoy your own version of aroma therapy.


For a Mediterranean-inspired fragrance, light our Lush luxury candle. Our own love affair for Italian gardens, mingled with soft sea breezes, are the origin of this creation. Take in its luscious medley of fresh apricot and fig, combined with earthy undertones of muguet and cedarwood.

If a restorative retreat is what you seek, our Mist scented candle is inspired by the warmth of low-country woodlands. Envision majestic trees draped in Spanish Moss along slow, winding rivers. Inhale Mist’s woody notes of lavender, wild juniper and birchwood and escape to a simpler pace of life.

Give yourself, or your friends, the gift of scented candles to complement Peacock Alley bed and bath linens. Like our classic bedding, bath towels and bath accessories, our equally refined luxury candles are understated and elegant. Presented in a handsome two-part gift box, and embossed with one of our signature white matelasse designs, Peacock Alley designer candles are crafted from a premium blend of soy wax with 100% cotton wicks. Hand poured in the United States, all of our scented candles come in white glass vessels and offer approximately 60 hours of burn time.