Jacquard Bedding

Jacquard bedding offers a touch of elegance and texture to your bed with intricately woven fabrics made of  premium fibers, falling right between cool and cozy for all-season use.

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Why Jacquard Bedding?

Jacquard bedding brings sophistication and luxury comfort to your bedroom with intricate raised designs made from premium natural fibers. Jacquard bedding has a rich history dating back to the 1800s, created with the first mechanical loom. The invention of the jacquard loom made it possible to scale the time’s most beautiful weave patterns around the world. There are many, many jacquard bedding styles, all with a high level of graceful craftsmanship and attention to detail with astounding elegance.

Should I Choose a Jacquard Duvet Cover?

Jacquard duvet covers are a wonderful choice when upgrading your bedding. If you’re looking for the perfect touch of refined and dignified, jacquard bedding brings a tasteful and discerning style. Peacock Alley jacquard duvet covers contain premium natural fibers, including 100% long staple cotton and cotton/linen blends. Our most popular jacquard duvet covers include:

The Biagio Jacquard Duvet Cover, which features finely woven grid-like striations inspired by the Italian lake region that creates a design both modern and classic

The Pousada Linen Duvet Cover, which is pre-washed so it’s softer-than-soft from day one and features cool tones of gray woven into a beautiful medallion design.

We import the highest-quality cotton and linen from around the world and create our bedding pieces made to order here in Dallas, Texas.

Benefits of a Jacquard Bedding Set

A jacquard bedding set offers the benefits of elegance and versatility in your luxury bedding, made with soft and breathable premium cotton in a durable yet intricate jacquard weave. Many of our duvets have reversible features as well as an easy zipper closure. Jacquard bedding tends to fall right between cool and cozy on the temperature scale, allowing all-season use. We offer jacquard duvet covers, matching pillow shams and decorative throw pillows. A complete jacquard bedding set is both durable and tasteful, redefining your bedroom with historically refined fabrics that will stand the test of time.