California King Bed Skirts

Luxury bed skirts made to fit a mattress of 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, with up to a 22 inch drop.
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Cali King Dust Ruffles & Bed Skirts

Whether you’ve just upgraded to a Cali King bed for the first time, or are replacing your old California King bedding with some new and luxurious pieces, it’s important to remember those special finishing touches like a lovely linen blanket, and a California king dust ruffle or bed skirt.

Why Do I Need a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt is so much more than just a pretty piece of fabric. It helps keep your bedroom clean and allergen free by reducing the amount of dust that gathers under the bed. In fact, when the humble dust ruffle first came into fashion, it was noted that the use of a skirt significantly cut down the number of dust mites found in the bed. Without one, you could be inviting hundreds more of these little guys to make their home in your mattress. Yuck!

In addition to its practical uses for cleanliness, this simple (or ornate) piece of cloth is also useful to hide a wealth of design flaws. An ugly box springs or metal bed frame is nothing you want to put on display in the peaceful retreat of your bedroom. And if you, like many, opt to hide away extra storage under the bed, you’ll want to keep that covered up too. Fortunately, a properly fitted bed skirt will effortlessly hide these and any other under-bed unpleasantness.

Simply put, a bed without a bedskirt is unfinished, at best. Add a luxurious finishing touch to your bedroom with a beautiful Cali king bed skirt from Peacock Alley!

How to Install Your Bed Skirt

Our bed skirts in California king size come as three panels, along with eight L-shaped pins, used to secure the panels to your box spring. They are made to fit a mattress of 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, with up to a 22 inch drop.

When you’re ready to install your California king bed skirt, first be sure to lift the mattress entirely off the box spring, to give you an easy surface to work on. Start by placing the shortest panel along the bottom of the bed. If you’ve chosen a tailored skirt, you’ll want to ensure that the pleated sections are properly centered on the bed.

Ensure that the fabric is adjusted to the correct height, no more than one inch off the floor. For ruffled bed skirts, some prefer to actually drape the panels long enough that they lie against the floor at the bottom. Tailored skirts should always be allowed to hang, giving a crisp, clean line. For example, if you need a California king bed skirt 21 drop, you’d simply have an extra inch of fabric between your boxspring and mattress, allowing your bed skirt to drape perfectly to the ground.

Once you have the bottom panel laid out properly, begin securing it with the included pins. Place the pins as far from the edge of the boxspring as possible to ensure they won’t catch on your fitted bottom sheet. Next, repeat the process with the two side panels, ensuring that they line up correctly with the bottom panel which is already in place.

Because of our three panel construction, you should be able to easily adjust the split corners to properly drape around your bed frame by folding or tucking your panels as appropriate for your bed. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to install your bed skirt, reach out to and we will be happy to walk you through the process!