Baby Blanket Guide: How to Choose a Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket Guide: How to Choose a Baby Blanket

Whether you are looking for your own baby or you’re choosing a baby shower gift for someone else – selecting a baby blanket is the perfect place to start.

While many baby blankets may seem similar at first glance, just like the blankets on your own bed, these come in a variety of styles and fabrics. To assist you with choosing the ideal baby blanket, the luxury linen experts at Peacock Alley have created a guide with all the details you need to know about choosing the best baby blanket for your new bundle of joy.

Little girls with baby boy swaddles with Naptime Knitted Baby Blanket

Peacock Alley Baby Blanket Guide: Types of Baby Blankets

Quality baby blankets are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors and are made from some of the most luxurious fabrics available. When choosing a baby blanket, it is important to be clear on the intended use and how each type of baby blanket differs.

Types of Baby Blankets and How They Are Used

  • Crib Blankets – Cocoon your little one in luxury and softness by choosing the finest cotton crib sheets and blankets. Having several cozy, 100% cotton blankets and  crib sheets on hand is essential for creating a restful environment for the newborn. Luxury crib blankets not only add to the design of the nursery, but typically serve multiple purposes and can be used wherever baby goes.
  • Receiving Blanket – Of the different types of baby blankets, receiving blankets are often the most versatile. They can be used for everything from swaddling the infant, to a protective layer between baby and the floor, to a lightweight coverup in the car or even a drool pad on the go – receiving blankets are a necessity when you have a new baby. Parents often use many and change them out frequently.
  • Security Blanket – Security blankets offer comfort for baby, allowing them to self soothe, relax and sleep better. Some babies continue to use their security blankets well into their toddler years, so when choosing a security blanket, a cozy cotton baby blanket that is as long-lasting as it is soft, is an excellent choice. The Naptime Knitted Baby Blanket is beautiful, oh-so-soft…and guaranteed to be a favorite blanket for years to come. *Infants should be monitored when sleeping with blankets.
  • Swaddling Blankets – Swaddling newborns is recommended to provide a secure and calming feeling that is reminiscent of being inside the womb and lets babies relax and sleep well. Swaddling blankets tightly wrap the baby. A soft, luxurious 100% long staple cotton swaddle blanket will keep baby snuggled and cozy while they sleep and are always a welcomed gift for new parents.
  • Multi-Use Blankets – Sometimes you just need a baby blanket that works well in a variety of situations. A quality multi-use blanket is the perfect choice to use in strollers, as a padded surface for baby to play or nap on, for use in the car seat while traveling, trips to the grocery store, and more. For everyday use, a well-made and long-lasting ultra-soft cotton baby blanket is the perfect choice. Our most popular baby blanket is made from 100% cotton and is completely free of dyes or bleaches for a worry-free favorite.

Baby Blanket Sizes: How to Choose the Right Blanket Size

Baby blankets are often the most popular gifts given to new parents. Since they do come in a variety of sizes, it is important to know the intended use so that you can ensure it is the ideal size for the recipient. Though blanket sizes do vary from brand to brand, here are the general baby blanket sizes available today.

Average Baby Blanket Sizes

  • Swaddle Blankets - Range in size from 40” x 40” to 48” x 48”
  • Receiving Blankets - Square blankets that measure 18” x 18” or 36” x 36”
  • Crib Blankets - Made to fit cribs at 40” x 60”
  • Multi-Use Blankets - Measure 30” to 40”

While these measurements represent the average sizes of each type of baby blanket, as long as the blanket is close enough in size for intended use, it will work just fine. All of Peacock Alley’s blankets in the Baby Collection are 36" x 50" making them the ideal size for just about any need for baby.

Baby boy sleeping with Naptime Knitted Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket Fabric: What Are the Best Fabrics?

The most important quality of a baby blanket is the fabric from which it is made.  When choosing a baby blanket, consider the climate and baby’s delicate, sensitive skin. Here are some of the most popular fabrics for baby blankets.

Preferred Baby Blanket Fabrics

  • Cotton – Cotton is the most popular choice of fabric for baby blankets for any climate or season. Not only is it super soft against baby’s sensitive skin, but organic cotton, like the 100% cotton dye and bleach free fabric used on Peacock Alley’s multi-use All Seasons Baby Blanket, is great for babies with allergies or skin conditions.
  • Bamboo Rayon – This super-soft fabric, which is made from the bamboo plant, is a great choice for baby blankets as it works well with sensitive skin and can even adjust with baby’s own body temperature.
  • Fleece – The preferred choice for colder climates, fleece is a popular fabric for blankets. Not only is it a quick-drying fabric, but it’s extremely soft feel makes it great for babies. Fleece is also stain resistant and washes well, which is always a plus in baby blankets.
  • Gauze/Muslin – Made from cotton, gauze fabric works well for swaddling baby blankets due to its light weight and breathable nature. Also called muslin, this airy fabric is often used to create receiving blankets and is available in the single gauze style which features just one layer of gauze and double gauze style, which offers two layers that are sewn together at pre-set spaces on the fabric. This fabric is also often used to shade a car seat or stroller.
Monogrammed All Seasons Crib Baby Blanket

Create Lasting Memories with Luxurious Baby Blankets from Peacock Alley

The baby blanket is a cherished gift for any new parent and Peacock Alley goes a step further by offering a personal touch to your thoughtful present. Peacock Alley’s Baby Collection features a variety of deluxe baby blankets that can be monogrammed for a unique and memorable custom gift that any new parent would adore. From the comfortable brushed cotton Night-Night Cotton Baby Blanket accented with pink or blue trim to the coveted, super-soft All Seasons Cotton Baby Blanket, you can be sure they will sleep like a baby with these precious, luxury blankets from Peacock Alley.

*Remember the Rule of Three when purchasing Baby Blankets. Buy them in groups of three; one for the baby, one for the laundry and one clean and ready to be used on the shelf!

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