How To Stop Feathers From Poking Out of Pillows

Stop feathers poking through down pillows with a pillow protector. | Peacock Alley

Down pillows are among the most popular pillow types. While they are soft, fluffy, supportive and easy to care for, they tend to have one common problem: feathers poking through.

The down pillows and down duvets made by Peacock Alley use responsibly sourced European goose down feathers. We include a 400 thread count cotton sateen pillow protector on each down pillow to help ensure your pillow lasts.

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What is a Pillow Protector?

A pillow protector is a feather proof pillow cover that prevents your down pillow’s feathers from poking through.

Pillow protectors zip entirely around your pillow, placed on your pillow between the down pillow and the pillow case. It protects your pillow’s fabric, your pillowcase’s fabric and your face while you sleep.

Without a pillow protector, your pillow is more likely to attract dust and mites. While you clean your pillowcases often along with your bed sheets and duvet cover, you may also sometimes wash your pillow, but not as often. You can easily remove and wash your pillow protector as you would your pillowcase. Pillow protectors help extend the freshness and life of your pillow as well as keep the pillow’s down feather fill from poking through.

Real down pillows are unlike other pillows with synthetic fills. They are malleable to help reduce strain on your neck, offering unmatched comfort. Goose down feathers cluster within the pillow for excellent support. We offer both medium fills and firm fills to help match your sleeping style.

Do All Feather Pillows Poke Through?

Down pillows should not poke through when new. Eventually, as your down pillow wears, it will show signs of needing a replacement. You will start to notice the fabric on your pillow begin to wear and feathers poke through.

Check your pillow, pillow protector and pillowcase between washes. While your pillow protector is likely doing its job of keeping feathers within your pillow, it could be time to inspect your pillow for evidence of quills poking through.

Goose down pillows in all sizes with ultra-clean rated down. | Peacock Alley

5 Signs It’s Time to Throw Away Your Feather Pillows

1. Many Feathers Poking Through

After some time, an occasional poke may happen when sleeping with a down pillow missing a pillow protector. If you find your pillow is losing many feathers at once or if you notice a hole in your pillow, it’s certainly time to replace it. It is not normal to lose feathers as you sleep each night and the annoyance of feathers poking your face while you sleep is not an expected experience.

2. The Pillow Loses Its Normal Shape

Down pillows are known for their malleability. Down feathers are among the best pillow fillings for head support, but give way over time. If you find your pillow has lost its shape and no longer supports your head and neck while you sleep, the pillow has lost support and it’s time to replace it. Your pillow may feel like it has a permanent dent where you routinely rest your head, causing muscle strains.

3. Sweat Stains

As we sleep, we may sweat without noticing. If sleep sweating is a common occurrence, consider switching to cooling sheets. We recommend cotton and linen pillowcases for hot sleepers. If you tend to feel hot while you sleep, you likely wash your bedding more often and will notice your pillow may wear faster. Without a pillow protector, all pillows tend to accumulate sweat over time. Note any discoloration in your pillow and decide if it’s time to refresh your bed pillows.

4. Odors and Allergies

Down pillows have a tendency to collect dust due to their organic nature. Our down pillows exceed an ultra-clean rating, so rest easy knowing we offer the highest quality down pillows. We also offer hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillows for everyone who has difficulty with allergies. Other down pillows may attract odor faster than some. Your body’s heat along with humidity can age the feathers within, causing an odor. Be sure to keep your pillow dry and to dry thoroughly after washing to prevent undue odor.

5. It’s Lasted Over 3 Years

The average down pillow lifespan is 1-3 years. If your pillow has lasted over 3 years, it’s had a nice run! Take excellent care of your pillows to extend their lifetime, but know when it’s time to replace them.

Goose down bedding with pillows and duvets. | Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley Pillow Protectors extend the life of your down pillows. Prevent down feathers from poking through, prevent sweat stains, reduce odors, and help keep your pillow’s shape with a pillow protector.

When choosing a down pillow, know that Peacock Alley Down Pillows are luxury-quality and exceed an ultra-clean rating. We include a pillow protector with every down pillow ordered to help you achieve the best comfort for your sleeping style.

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