How to Properly Make a Bed in 6 Simple Steps

How to Properly Make a Bed in 6 Simple Steps

Besides making your bedroom look unkept, did you know an unmade bed can also affect the quality of your sleep

Knowing how to properly make a bed doesn’t have to be difficult, either. All you need is quality bedding, an understanding of basic linens, and these six simple steps on how to put it all together.

How to Properly Make a Bed: Common Layers

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions on how to properly make your bed, let’s take a detailed look at the common bedding layers below.

  • Bed Skirt - Also known as a dust ruffle, a bed skirt is a stylish fabric that conceals your bed’s box spring or foundation. Since it hangs down, it’s also great for hiding the space underneath your bed. (If you want something that snuggly stretches over the foundation, consider a box spring cover instead.)

  • Mattress Topper - A mattress topper can elevate your sleeping experience by adding a few extra inches of quilted comfort. A bonus? It also helps protect your mattress from sweat, stains, and soil. (For an added barrier, consider also adding a mattress protector.)

  • Fitted Sheet - As the name suggests, fitted sheets hug tightly around your mattress and mattress topper. This base layer helps keep everything in place and adds extra protection to your mattress and extra softness to your sleep. 

  • Flat Sheet - Though some consider this layer optional, a flat sheet can add a layer of warmth and help keep your duvet free of dirt, oil, and grime.

  • Duvet Insert and Cover  - This top layer consists of two parts. The duvet insert, also known as a comforter, is thick bedding that adds soft style and warmth. A duvet is often made with down feathers, but there are down alternatives as well. Regardless, you’ll need a duvet cover to protect this outer bedding. 

  • Pillows Sleeping pillows are one of the most important elements to properly make a bed. High-quality pillows made of memory foam, down, or a down alternative will help keep your neck neutrally aligned while you slumber. And don’t forget to invest in breathable pillowcases that match your sheets! 

  • Accessories - Finishing touches like pillow shamsthrow pillows, and throw blankets can all make your bed look and feel stylish and luxurious.

How to Properly Make A Bed: Putting it All Together

Once you have all the right linens and bedding to properly make your bed, it’s time to put it together by following these six step-by-step instructions. 

Step 1: Put on the bed skirt

If you have a bed skirt, remove the mattress from your bed frame and spread it across your bed’s foundation. Align the stitches of the bed skirt with your bed frame. If you have a three-sided bed skirt, line up the blank side with your headboard. Then, add your mattress on top of the bed skirt. 

Step 2: Layer on the mattress topper and mattress protector

Mattress Topper: Roll out the mattress topper and align it with the four corners of your mattress. Add non-slip pads to the top of your mattress if your mattress topper doesn’t already have a non-slip bottom.

Mattress Protector: Start from the upper corner and stretch the mattress protector over your mattress and mattress topper. Repeat with all four corners, tucking the protector underneath. 

Step 3: Add the fitted sheet

Put your fitted sheet on the bed in the same lengthwise direction as the mattress. Start at the most difficult-to-reach corner and pull the fitted sheet over that side of the bed. The corner of the fitted sheet should line up with the top of the mattress. Repeat with all four corners. 

Step 4: Add the flat sheet 

If adding a flat sheet, you can drape it across your fitted sheet for a casual, loose look. Or you can create a more polished look with hospital corners. 

For hospital corners, fold the end of the top sheet under the end of your mattress. Standing a foot or so from the end of the bed, take a piece of the hanging top sheet and lift it at a 45-degree angle. Lay this piece on top of your mattress to make a triangular shape at the foot of your bed. Hold the piece in place while tucking the rest of the sheet under your mattress neatly. Release the triangle section and tuck any edges that hang below your bed. 

Step 5: Place the duvet cover on top

For a flowy look, drape the duvet cover evenly on your sheets. If you’d prefer a crisper look and feel, tuck the sides of the duvet cover into the sides of your mattress. 

Step 6: Arrange the pillows and throws

Place the pillows in the space between the head of your bed and the duvet. To fluff your sleeping pillows, take both sides and squeeze them together. To style your pillows, stack them on top of each other or accent them with pillow shams and throw pillows, and throw blankets. Or do what looks good to you — it’s your creative call!

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