How to Create the Ideal Master Bedroom

A well-designed master bedroom in various neutral shades including white, gray, and black

After a long day, a bedroom should be your absolute favorite place to dive into.

When collaborating with clients to design their bedrooms, I ask a lot of questions, listen to the way they live, and try to design a room that will feel personal, intimate and soothing. I work hard to pull their personality out and make it a part of the design. I don’t have a cookie cutter formula - I am just as likely to use a Moroccan screen for a headboard as I am a more traditional tufted headboard.

Here are the things I always consider as I move through the design process:

  • The cornerstone of any master bedroom is color. It should be soothing, it should be soft and it should feel zen. I will typically choose a softer shade of the overall color scheme of the house to create cohesion and harmony, yet feel softer and lighter.
  • Lighting is key. I insist on a base lighting plan of canned ceiling lights so there won’t be any holes or shadowing in the room. Then I layer – matching lamps on either side of the bed to center the room. A chandelier over the bed adds glamour. Everything should be adjustable so the mood can change.
  • Soft and luxurious bedding is a must. I use Peacock Alley pieces mixed in with some custom bedding for a completely unique look. Whatever you do, don’t go the “bed in a bag” route! Make it your own.
  • reading area is important – a comfortable place to read or talk or just put on your shoes. I love placing a pair of chairs and an ottoman in front of a fireplace to create a getaway place where a husband and wife can curl up next to each other and be quiet.
  • The master bedroom is the perfect place for heirloom pieces. Because it’s a more intimate room, using something meaningful and personal in the design works extremely well.
White canopy bed adorned in lavendar with purple lamps flanking Classicly decorated bedroom with accents of pale blue and gold

I love designing master bedrooms, because each one is it’s own journey. Your master bedroom should be a reflection of you – your life, what you love and what brings you joy. Listen to those things and you will create your ideal space!

Suzan Davidson of Suzan Davidson Designs

About Suzan Davidson

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