Four Golden Rules of Linen Care

A collection of matelassés ranging from brown to white

Our team lives, breathes and, of course, cares for linens on a daily basis. We are not only interested in our beds and baths, but those of our clients and customers too. We are confident our high-quality products will last a long time when handled and cleaned properly.

To get the longest life out of your luxury bedding or bath product, Levi + Melissa, our Outlet team dynamic duo, share their four golden rules of linen care:

  1. When caring for your matelassé, wash cold and tumble dry on low.
  2. When washing your linens, use free and clear detergent or linen wash.
  3. Do not wash linens on warm as this breaks down the fibers in the linen.
  4. Store your linens in a well-ventilated space.
  5. Before you use brand new bath towels, wash them using a ½ cup of white vinegar. This removes the sizing that is placed on the towel when it ships from the mill. Then wash them on regular cycle as this prevents mildew.
Several folded matelassés in varying shades of brown A bottle of linen wash, made for luxury linen care Luxury towels in several neutral shades

Check out our website, talk to our team in our Design Studio or Outlet as well as visit the following sites for more linen care information: LeBlanc.

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