Four Considerations When Selecting Sheets

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Four things to look for in sheets: cotton, percale, thread count, measure

Make the most out of your time in bed. The right sheets can freshen up the look of your bedroom and help you sleep better.

things to look for in your sheets, cotton, weave, thread count and fit

What to Look For:

  1. Cotton Quality
    • Cotton quality is incredibly important when choosing sheets for your bed. Consciously sourced and compassionately crafted, we search the globe for the finest cotton. Our products are imported from the best mills in Italy, Portugal and beyond. Choosing quality production over mass production; less than 3% of the world's cotton is up to our standards.
  2. Weave
    • Percale (think hot summer nights) is a closely woven plain weave resulting in a wonderful, crisp feeling sheet.
    • Sateen (perfect for cold winter nights) is woven with more yarn on the surface and has a more lustrous hand for a buttery soft feel.
    • Flannel is a brushed cotton with a napped finish and a cozy, fuzzy feel.
    • There is also silk, satin and linen weaves.
  3. Thread count
    • Contrary to popular belief, high thread count isn't everything. Thread count is determined by the number of threads lengthwise (called the warp) and widthwise (called the weft) in a 1-inch square of fabric. Our sheets range from 200 - 600 tread count. We recommend looking deeper into the details when the thread count is higher than 600. Learn more by visiting our Thread Count Guide.
  4. Size and Fit
    • Sheets come in twin, extra-long twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes. With new construction methods, i.e. pillowtops, Eurotops, etc., mattresses are getting deeper. Measure your mattress depth and check package labels. It is important that a sheet provides a smooth surface, a nice, neat appearance.
    • Our fitted sheets are sewn with a 17" gusset and fit up to a 21" mattress.

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