Cool Lamps for Every Mood, Style and Taste

Lighting is an integral part of creating the right ambience and mood in your home.  It's the smallest touches and details that count.  Just by adding a fun lamp you can take your room to the next level and set the tone to reveal your very own style and also identify the personality of a room.

Here are some cool lamp ideas to transform your room from drab to fab!  Whatever your taste, we have found a little something to fit every mood and living space.  Which lamp best suits your home?

  • The Modernist: Fata-Fatina Lamp -
  • Contemporary Cool: Lab-T Chandalier -
  • The Fashionista: Modern Bubble -
  • Mid-Century Vintage: Modern Pottery Lamps -
  • Nothing But Fun! Grigio Table Lamp -
Modernist table lamps in white: Fate & Fatina from Contemporary cool lamp in chrome with glass: Lab-T Chandalier from The perfect table lamp for the fashionista: Modern Bubble from A bright blue mid-century table lamp from
Nothing But Fun! Grigio table lamp in grey
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